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1979 Mars in 3D: Remastered
Mars in 3D "Mars in 3D" remastered in high-definition, produced by Elliott Levinthal of Stanford University.
Image credit: Mars in 3-D

Freeze frame from Mars in 3D film Mars in 3D image of lander.
Image credit: Mars in 3D

Freeze frame from Mars in 3D of Martian terrain Mars in 3D image of Martian terrain.
Image Credit: Mars in 3D

Images used with permission.
All rights reserved.
Mars in 3D is a 32-minute documentary film featuring mankind’s earliest images from the surface of Mars, captured by NASA’s Viking landers between 1976 and 1979. This stereographic film, produced by Elliott Levinthal of Stanford University was created to engage the public in learning more about the NASA Viking mission and the planet Mars, as well as to bridge the gap between Earth and the Red Planet. Mars in 3D is now remastered in high definition.

Encouraged by John Chowning of Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Michael McNabb, a former student who collaborated on the original soundtrack, completed this remastering project. McNabb constructed the new version from original 16mm film footage, sound reels, and related documentation loaned from the NASA Ames History Office archives.

The enhanced 3D settings in this film dramatically reveals the topography of the large-scale surface features of Mars. Michael McNabb, music composer on the project, said that the Stereo3D Toolbox was invaluable to the restoration process, mostly for its balancing tools for the convergence and color contrast of the final version. This Stereo3D Toolbox helped remedy 3D convergence issues by matching left and right-eye sequences due to wide separation of the cameras, and ultimately allowed for more control over 3D registration and final color adjustments.

Mars in 3D presents modern high-definition digital and audio to the original footage, which creates a more musically and technically developed representation of the Viking missions. This film demonstrates CCRMA’s interests in advanced technology and scientific discovery in addition to their underlying focus in musical enhancement and development.

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