About NASA ArtSpace

NASA ArtSpace is a centralized NASA web space where you can find feature stories, art and science resources, and information about the collaboration of NASA and the public at the convergence of art, science and technology.

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About NASA ArtSpace
NASA ArtSpace meatball 1. What is NASA ArtSpace?

    NASA ArtSpace is designed to increase public awareness and involvement in NASA's mission of discovery through the power of art. The site's content celebrates, chronicles and invites public participation in the convergence of art, science and technology as it serves to inspire and inform the human exploration of space and the world around us.

    NASA ArtSpace invites you to explore a diverse sampling of artistic vision and expression created by professional artists and space exploration citizen participants alike, from internationally known figures to the youngest artistic stars of the future.

    NASA ArtSpace was created as a new media component of NASA's response to President Obama's call for greater openness, collaboration and transparency in government, and in support of NASA's ongoing commitment to public engagement.

2. What can I find on NASA ArtSpace?
    Feature Stories introduce artists inside of NASA and around the world whose creative work serves to bring the process of exploration alive for the general public and subject matter experts alike. Did you know that NASA's media teams include Visual Strategists? Look inside Feature Stories and learn about their work.

    Image Galleries introduce a sampling of space exploration multimedia including original NASA mission artwork, scientific illustrations, paintings, photos, animations, video, fan art, handicrafts, public installations and exhibits. ArtSpace Galleries include images from the NASA Art Program as well as artistic highlights from some of NASA's most iconic missions.

    Participate! serves as a centralized location to learn about current and past artistic challenges in the realm of citizen space exploration. These typically take the form of contests by NASA and other organizations, inviting people everywhere to participate in exploration via the convergence of art, science and technology. You can also submit ideas for future stories that you would like to see on ArtSpace, including news of your own space exploration artwork. Remember, you don't have to be a scientist to make a meaningful contribution to NASA's mission of exploration and discovery.

    Interesting Organizations offers links to creative organizations around the world that are committed to supporting artistic media convergence and fostering appreciation for the process of exploration.

    Royalty Free Resources offers a descriptive list and links to a wide variety of multimedia sources that can be freely used by artists everywhere to create new and innovative citizen space exploration artwork.