WSTF Totally Encapsulating Suit (TES) Bootcamp

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Course Description
The White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) Totally Encapsulating Suit (TES) Boot Camp prepares students to deal with normal propellant operations, emergency events, and pre-operation planning by engaging the students with hands-on TES training. All students will perform console and TES operations to develop a teamwork relationship during propellant operations. The week long training culminates with an actual propellant release scenario so that TES personnel can witness and learn how to react to live uncontrolled propellants as well as gain an understanding and appreciation for the rigor needed in propellant system design and operation. This course meets the requirements and can be taken in lieu of NASA Kennedy Space Center’s Self-Contained Atmospheric Protective Ensemble (SCAPE) training.

Target Audience
Those who would benefit from this course include engineers, technicians, plant managers, and operators involved in propellant system design, buildup, operation, and maintenance. This course would also be appropriate for safety and health professionals involved in monitoring and evaluating the operation of hypergol propellant systems.

  • Identifying and evaluating typical hazards of propellant systems and operations
  • Understanding safe practices in design, materials selection, and operation of hypergol systems
  • Learning how to respond to emergency situations involving hypergols
  • Team building and team communication



What Students Say

The instructors were excellent. They shared both the written rules and requirements and the unwritten, experience-based advice. A major strength was their flexibility – they were able to tweak the course throughout the week to maximize the applicability to our operation.

It was a lot of hours in the suits, but all the extra time really helped – we really felt more comfortable working together in ops as the week progressed. Again, not just the ops, but working together, communications also improved. It was also nice to know we can handle “surprises.” Thanks, great course!

Seemed like there were years of experience behind all the instruction. The relaxed and flexible attitude of the instructors helped us to feel much more comfortable with the operations. The flexibility allowed us to tailor some of the exercises to what we will need. Having the actual release of oxidizer and the cleanup was fantastic! Also really liked the disassembly and reassembly.

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