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WSTF's Innovation, Safety, Health, and Environment (IS-HE) Day Offered Something for Everyone
August 1, 2012


Where else could you go on May 2, 2012 and be able to participate in a robotics demonstration, engineering Olympics,3-on-3 basketball, building water rockets, storytelling, innovation displays, and rap sessions except at the IS-HE Day events at White Sands Test Facility (WSTF)? And to top off a perfect day, what could be better than a welcomed massage or a soothing nature walk?

Christianne Jones, daughter of WSTF Emergency Services Chief Thomas Jones, gave a glorious rendition of the Star Spangled Banner to the delight of the early morning crowd, and a solemn Mayfield High School ROTC Color Guard presented the flag to the attendees. Over 650 employees and 100 guests and vendors sampled events geared toward promoting the awareness of how innovation, safety, health, and the environment all intersect in our lives.

As site manager Frank Benz pointed out in his welcoming address, "We can't do the great work we already do at White Sands Test Facility without creating new ways to complete our work, doing that work safely, keeping our strength and health up to be able to perform our tasks, and protecting the environment from the effects of our work. Your efforts have been validated through recent audits: the OSHA VPP Safety Star, the Environmental and Energy Functional Review, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration audit."

Innovation awards were given to Colleen Campbell, Vonda Litzenberg, Regor Saulsberry, Charles Nichols, Jess Waller, Ralph Lucero, Tommy Yoder, Jeremy Bruggemann, Cory Medina, and Jesus Flores.

[image-94]Astronauts Michael Foale and Barry Wilmore made a guest appearance at IS-HE Day. Foale has logged over 374 days in space including 4 space walks totaling 22 hours and 44 minutes. Wilmore was on the 31st Space Shuttle flight, STS-129, to the International Space Station (ISS) November 16-29, 2009. During that mission, the crew delivered two Express Logistics Carriers to the ISS and about 30,000 pounds of replacement parts.

The astronauts were on site to present Silver Snoopy Awards to WSTF employees Joe Diaz and Jim McCullough. The Silver Snoopy is the Astronauts' highest award given to the NASA workforce.

Diaz was awarded the Silver Snoopy in appreciation for his "outstanding service and quality performance for over 33 years in support of Shuttle, Space Station, and the Crew Exploration Vehicle at the NASA White Sands Test Facility."

[image-78] McCullough was honored as "an excellent engineer who provides sound judgment and uses lessons learned and available data to develop the best approaches to problem solutions that result in safe operations and are friendly to the environment at WSTF."

NASA employee Christina Piña Arpin spearheaded a committee who worked tirelessly to organize IS-HE day with something for everyone. "Within a short amount of time, the site really pulled together to make things happen. This is the perfect example of everyone chipping in and doing a small part to make something big happen."

IS-HE Day Committee Members
Dolores Puentes
Susie Staley
Cheerie Patneaude
Gail Bennett
Kathleen Franklin
Mike Hallock
Matt Kenney
Art Pardo
Ben Luttrell
Tucker Read
Chris Bois
Don Connell
Colleen Campbell
Larque Molina
Mary Canavan
John Corkran

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Don Henderson, Materials and Components Laboratories Office, “busts a move” at the IS-HE Day activities.
Don Henderson, Materials and Components Laboratories Office, “busts a move” at the IS-HE Day activities.
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Jim McCullough recieves the Silver Snoopy Award.
Jim McCullough recieves the Silver Snoopy Award.
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Joe Diaz recieves the Silver Snoopy Award.
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