Oxygen Systems

Oxygen Systems

Titanium Alloy Burning in 8 psia Oxygen Titanium Alloy Burning in 8 psia Oxygen

WSTF specializes in the study of oxygen compatibility in space, aircraft, medical, and industrial applications. We investigate the effects of increased oxygen concentration on the ignition and burning of materials and components used in these applications. When high-pressure oxygen is present in an application, there are fire hazards that must be assessed and mitigated to ensure personnel and system safety. Fires have occurred in space, such as in the Mir Space Station, and in aircraft life support, medical applications, aerospace applications, construction materials, and oxygen production. Typically, fire hazards are associated with the presence of ignition sources and with materials incompatibility.

Kyle Sparks teaches Fire Hazards in Oxygen course. Kyle Sparks teaches Fire Hazards in Oxygen course

At WSTF, we perform compatibility assessments to identify potential problems within oxygen systems. We test materials and components to determine their suitability for use in oxygen systems. We also perform postfire failure analyses to identify the cause of a fire and can recommend design criteria to avoid future problems.

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