White Sands Test Facility

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Propulsion Test Office Propulsion Test Office
White Sands Test Facility offers numerous ambient pressure and altitude simulation stands to test rocket propulsion test systems as well as single rocket engines.
Materials and Components Materials and Components
WSTF performs testing designed to better understand materials used in space flight.
Technical Services Office Technical Services Office
The mission of the Technical Services Office is to provide the expertise to develop ground support equipment with the highest regard for safety and customer satisfaction.
Health, Safety, and Environment Health, Safety, and Environment
WSTF's highest priority is maintaining a healthy and safe environment for its employees, contractors, visitors, and the surrounding community.

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  • NASA Johnson Space Center
    White Sands Test Facility
    P.O. Box 20
    Las Cruces, NM 88004
  • Public Affairs Office
    Radel Bunker-Farrah
    Phone: (575) 524-5733
    Fax: (575) 524-5798
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