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The Wallops Educator Resource Center (ERC) gives educators the opportunity to access materials based on NASA's unique mission and results.

Educators such as teachers, home school teachers, and scout and church group leaders have the opportunity to preview, copy and/or receive NASA instructional products.

Inquire with the Front Desk Receptionist about access to the ERC.

Open: Thursday - Saturday, July 1 - Sept 4 
(by appointment only all other times)
Hours: 10 AM - 4 PM 

Wallops ERC Coordinator:  Jessica Beebe
Email:  Jessica.A.Beebe@nasa.gov
Phone:  757.824.2297


Through the NASA Educator Resource Center Network (ERCN), NASA provides expertise and facilities to help educators access and utilize science, mathematics and technology instructional products aligned with national standards and appropriate state frameworks.

NASA educational resources fall under learning categories such as:

  + Earth Science  + Space Science  + Living and Working in Space  + Aeronautics
  + Aerospace  + Mathematics  + Science  + Technology  + Geography

Materials are designed to supplement K - University curriculum.  Printed materials are available; complete curriculum guides are not.

Information about NASA educational programs is available for students and teachers, including NASA Educational Workshops (NEW), Aerospace Education Services Program (AESP), the Space Experiment Module program (SEM), and the NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP)

The Wallops ERC houses a collection of NASA educational videotapes which may be copied for educational purposes.  Video duplication must be done in person and the teacher must provide his/her own VHS tapes.  The Educator Resource Center does not provide mail-order duplication or loan services.

ERCs do not have materials to distribute such as pencils, pens, caps, T-shirts, etc.

A catalog including many of the available tapes is online: NASA Teaching Resources Database



NASA's Education Home Page
Starting point for information about NASA education initiatives.

NASA Educator Resource Center Network
NASA ERCs assist educators with NASA educational products and programs.  This site includes a listing of ERC field centers and a listing of other ERCs in each state.

CORE (Central Operation of Resources for Educators)
Search a catalog of NASA educational materials to order for the classroom.

NES (NASA Explorer Schools)
Each spring, NASA partners with 50 new Explorer School Teams to provide innovative science and mathematics instruction for students in grades 4 through 9.

Starting point for information about NASA TV, including a schedule and online viewing.

The ISS EarthKAM program allows students to view and learn about images of Earth requested by middle school students from cameras on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.


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