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Model EEO Agency Plan
NASA FY 14-16 Model EEO Agency Plan Update and FY14 Annual EEO Program Accomplishment Report
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Model EEO Center Plan
Model EEO Center Plan 2015-2017 and FY 2014 Accomplishment Report
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EEO Terms and Definitions
Glossary of EEO related terms.
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Supervisor's Guide to EEO
This guide is intended to provide general assistance to supervisors when there are questions regarding EO issues in the workplace.
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Performance Indicators
ODEO has developed indicators to help rating officials evaluate the diversity and EEO performance of managers and supervisors.
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Endeavor Newsletter
Endeavor is a biannual newsletter for Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity.

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Mission and Vision

Mission: To make equal opportunity and the appreciation of diversity an integral part of all NASA SSC programs.

Vision: To set an example of diversity appreciation and teamwork for NASA SSC; To be an excellent resource for our customers, stakeholders, and partners; To have a sustained impact on NASA SSC and beyond.

ODEO Events Calendar
The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity Events Calendar covers Stennis culture, from Martin Luther King Observance in January to American Indian Month in November.
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Updates to GINA Act
Under Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), it is illegal to discriminate against employees or applicants because of genetic information.
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SSC Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are integral to the mission success of NASA and the John C. Stennis Space Center (SSC).
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The NASA Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity (ODEO) sponsored the 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Survey to establish a diversity and inclusion snapshot, identify strengths and challenges, and design future activities for the continuing enhancement of diversity and inclusion efforts at the Agency.
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ODEO Event Photos

The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity Events Photo Gallery covers Stennis culture, from Martin Luther King Observance in January to American Indian Month in November.

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SSC ODEO Events Photo Gallery



NASA's Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement
Diversity is integral to mission success at NASA.

NASA's Equal Opportunity Policy Statement
Equal opportunity in employment means opportunity not just for some but for all.

NASA's Anti-Harassment Policy Statement
It is NASA's policy to prohibit harassment in the workplace.

NASA's Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures Brochure
NASA, as an employer and a Federal agency, is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace environment that encourages and empowers each individual employee to perform at his or her best.

SSC's Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement
SSC recognizes and respects the differences and unique talents each team member brings to their job.

SSC's Equal Opportunity Policy Statement
Stennis has a vital mission to accomplish - one that cannot be accomplished without the talent, dedication and skill of the men and women who carry out our work.

SSC's Anti-Harassment Policy Statement
It is the policy of Stennis Space Center to maintain a work environment free from unlawful harassment (sexual or non-sexual) for all employees.

SSC's Students Rights Policy
Working in the summer or after school is a great way for you to learn important job and social skills, earn extra money and become more independent.

Limited English Proficient Program
Limited English Proficiency

STOP Workplace Harassment
Harassing conduct is any unwelcome conduct, verbal or physical, based on individual's race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, status as a parent, gender identity...

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Jo Ann Larson Diversity and Equal Opportunity Manager
Jo Ann Larson
Brian Hey Complaints Program Manager
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Jake Jacobs Diversity Program Manager
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Questions? Please contact us at (228) 688 - 1037.

TDD: Call Federal Relay Service at 1-866-377-8642, ODEO, or visit our office.

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