John C. Stennis Space Center History

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About Our Collection

Wernher von Braun and his family arrived by boat at the Mississippi Test Facility

NASA John C. Stennis Space Center's online version of the oral history collection features 21 histories. The anthology is compiled of historical recollections of former and current employees as well as members of the community that include a representation of the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, Hurricane Katrina and Stennis Space Center’s 50th Anniversary.

The entire Stennis Space Center Oral History Collection is located within the SSC history office.

For more information concerning this project, please contact Tessa Keating, Tessa.Q.Keating@nasa.gov, or Daphne Alford, Daphne.W.Alford@nasa.gov.

SSC's 50th Anniversary Features

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SSC's 50th Anniversary Oral Histories

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