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Partnerships, Business Opportunities and Space Act Agreements
Marshall Space Flight Center Partnerships Office
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Marshall Center Partnerships

The Marshall Space Flight Center is building on a long legacy of successful, mutually beneficial partnerships to lead NASA and the nation into a rewarding future in space. Our collaborations with other NASA centers and federal agencies, academia and industry aid programs and projects across all of our business lines -- supporting technology development, research, testing and ground and flight operations.

Marshall’s unique resources and expertise are available to industry, academia and government agencies through a contractual arrangement called a Space Act Agreement. Join hundreds of commercial companies, government agencies and educational institutions that are making more efficient use of existing government resources by establishing agreements with the Marshall center. 

Whether you are seeking a discussion with one of our technical experts or wanting to use center facilities to test your hardware, the Marshall Partnerships Office is ready to assist. The office promotes awareness and use of available resources to support the needs of commercial, academic, state and other federal agency initiatives.

With a focus on customer service, the Partnerships Office is approachable at community events and available for individual meetings. The office helps partners explore opportunities by listening to your needs, conveys relevant Marshall Space Flight Center capabilities, and ultimately connects you to the right technical points of contacts for more in-depth collaboration.

If your need involves connecting to another MSFC organization to conduct business – Technology Transfer, Small Business, or Procurements - we will be glad to assist in these areas as well.

At the Marshall center, partnership has always been central to our success in a variety of science and exploration endeavors.  By fostering an environment for a positive customer experience, the Partnerships Office looks forward to pursuing and maintaining long-term relationships.

Marshall Capabilities

Marshall Capabilities image shows engine fire test.To enable NASA’s human and robotic exploration missions, Marshall maintains a broad spectrum of design, development, and testing capabilities.
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