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Requesting Exhibits

Exhibit Availability and Suitability

You may submit a request for one of our exhibits by filling out an Exhibit Application Form. When signed by appointed representatives of your organization and ours, the Application Form and Loan Agreement set the terms of support between NASA and the requester.

Though many of the Marshall Center's traveling exhibits are intended to be shared on a first-come-first-served basis, all models and exhibits are subject to availability, and we often book audiences and events far in advance of event dates. Commitments and arrangements may be changed or cancelled with little advance notice, so be sure to book early.

In some cases, the Marshall Center's more technical, program- or project-themed traveling exhibits are designed to communicate to technical or professional audiences. While all our exhibits are designed to help visitors better understand what these NASA programs do -- and how they fit into the Agency's long-range strategy for exploration -- some contain a greater degree of complex scientific and technical material not ideally suited for general-public events. Our staff will be able to help determine the right exhibits for your audience.

To initiate the request procedure, download the Exhibit Application Form, review the requirements and complete the entire form, then fax it to the Marshall Center at 256-544-0007.

For more information about Marshall Center Traveling Exhibits, please call 256-544-0034.

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