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Traveling Exhibits

Space Launch System traveling exhibitNASA exhibits at events or in museums can increase a person’s depth of understanding by offering hands-on, participatory, interpersonal, spatial or kinesthetic learning opportunities that complement and reinforce what we’ve learned in school, heard through social media or otherwise read about in the news.

The Marshall Space Flight Center maintains an ever-growing lending library of exhibits, models, artifacts, artwork, tabletop and floor displays, technology demonstrations, interactives, publications, DVDs and multimedia material. Although we primarily service six assigned states -- Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas and Iowa -- we also support events and exhibit activities led by NASA HQ in Washington, D.C., and other NASA field centers around the country.

About Our Exhibits Program 

Marshall exhibits are designed to inform visitors about the U.S.’s quest for new knowledge through space exploration and NASA’s ongoing efforts to explore our solar system, including Earth. Much of our inventory is aligned with current programs and projects assigned to Marshall, such as the Space Launch System, International Space Station (ISS) science, and the Chandra Telescope. But our inventory includes items from past Marshall programs, such as the Apollo Saturn V, Skylab, Shuttle Program, Hubble Space Telescope and more. Our exhibits team serves as consultants to help museum staff and educators find just the right content and subject experts among NASA’s labyrinth of projects, offices and research facilities. As America's goals of asteroid visits and trips to Mars finalize, Marshall’s exhibits inventory will expand to include new content and hardware to keep up. Our goal is to maintain and add exhibit content that conveys not just the discoveries of recent human and robotic missions, but also the excitement of the space adventures on our horizon. We also aspire to help today's young explorers better understand the enabling role that a solid education in science, mathematics, engineering and technology can play in their future. 

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