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Data Sheets

Data sheets for Marshall's most popular models and exhibits can be used to plan floor layouts and labor needs, flag safety and equipment requirements, provide crate dimensions, and help requesters develop shipping costs. Each data sheet includes an image.

Large Exhibits

     › Mobile Theater (PDF, 415 Kb)

Small Exhibits/Kiosks

     › Solar System Scale Model (PDF, 311 Kb)
     › Space Exploration Theater (PDF, 329 Kb)
     › Space Exploration Theater (PDF file, 42 KB)
     › Incredible Time Machine Exhibit (PDF file, 38 KB)
     › NASA Boom Box (PDF, 356Kb)
     › Hubble Space Telescope (PDF, 75 Kb)


     › NASA Insignia 10-foot Mural (PDF, 238 Kb)
     › Marshall Space Flight Center 10-foot Mural (PDF, 263 KB)
     › 'New Questions for an Old Friend' Lunar Sample 10' Mural (PDF, 273Kb)

Large Models

     › Lunar Module (PDF file, 39 KB)
     › Mercury Capsule (PDF file, 47 KB)
     › Mercury-Redstone (PDF file, 34 KB)
     › Space Shuttle (PDF file, 38 KB)
     › Apollo Command Module (PDF file, 37 KB)
     › Gemini Capusle (PDF file, 55 KB)

Artifacts and Specialty Items

     › Apollo 15 Lunar Sample (PDF, 324 Kb)
     › Speaker's Kit (PDF, 349 KB)

Small Models

     › 1:20 Saturn IB (PDF file, 32 KB)
     › 1:20 Saturn V (PDF file, 30 KB)
     › Hubble Space Telescope (PDF file, 40 KB)

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