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Exploring the Backyard

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It’s time humans stepped out of the house and explore beyond the patio. We’ve been looking out the window for some time now but by 2020 we will have the technology to confidently walk into the vast expanse of our own solar system back yard: asteroids, Mars…maybe further. This exhibit is designed to tap NASA employees’ knowledge and experiences and take their contagious excitement to the public for approximately four years, or the time between the last Shuttle launch and the first Space Launch System (SLS) operational missions.

"Exploring the Backyard" in its full configuration will consist of 3-5 domed inflatable "planet" buildings of various sizes, which serve to shelter a variety of outdoor theaters, exhibit displays, lecture halls, and literature counters. The remaining planets are represented by smaller air- or helium-filled spheres or globes. While the exhibit will be a compilation of existing exhibit hardware and content from current NASA programs, the full exhibit has not yet been fielded.

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