A Checkup Aboard Skylab
A Checkup Aboard Skylab

Each of the three crewed Skylab missions from May 1973 to 1974 were staffed by three astronauts. Since these were the longest missions ever conducted in low Earth orbit, one of the top science priorities was to collect medical data on the affects of long spaceflights on humans. The crew members served as test subjects for these experiments. Scientist Astronaut Joseph P. Kerwin, science pilot for the first manned Skylab mission and a medical doctor, conducted a physical exam for Astronaut Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr., the Skylab 2 mission commander. Kerwin conducted the exam in the crew quarters wardroom of the orbital workshop developed by the NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala, which also built equipment used for research. Conrad almost literally stands on his head in the weightless¬ness of space with only a restraint around his left leg holding in position. The Skylab crews added volumes to our knowledge about how humans live and work in space.

Image credit: NASA/MSFC

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