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Advanced Concepts

Mission Statement

Artist concept of SLS launchingThe Advanced Concepts Office supports the development and maturation of alternate and innovative concepts for subsystems, spacecraft systems, payloads and transportation systems. The office performs complete and integrated systems analyses and independent assessments of potential concepts. Additionally, the office performs technology assessments and subsystem trades for current projects and leads or supports the creation of new projects or their initiatives.

Summary of Services and Capabilities

Human Lunar Lander and Crew Exploration Vehicle ConceptThe MSFC Advanced Concepts Office develops new and innovative concepts for subsystems, spacecraft systems, payloads, transportation systems, missions and overall transportation system architectures. Our customers and collaborators include NASA, the Department of Defense, industry and academia. We perform complete and integrated systems analyses, technology assessments, and independent assessments of potential concepts including:

- Pre-Phase A Concept Studies leading to Mission Concept Reviews
- Phase A Concept Development in support of Mission Design Reviews

We provide a unique capability for full architecture and individual vehicle analyses:

- Launch vehicles
- Deep space missions (human and robotic)
- Planetary surface systems

Internal Layout Concept for a Deep Space HabitatWe have extensive experience providing end-to-end analyses and in leading or supporting multi-organizational teams including:

- Other NASA centers
- Other government agencies
- Industry
- Universities

History and Heritage

International Space Station MSFC's Advanced Concepts has a rich heritage performing the up-front conceptual designs for many successful space missions including the Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, the IMAGE mission, and the International Space Station -- to name but a few.

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