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Marshall Space Flight Center Spinoff Technologies

VISAR Crime-solving Solutions
Criminals beware! Marshall has provided the police and FBI with special software to help track you down. The software, called VISAR, has helped solve dozens of crimes – and even put murderers behind bars. Our researchers used their advanced skills and equipment for analyzing satellite video to create VISAR, which transforms dark, jittery images captured by security systems and police car video cameras into clear, stable images, revealing clues about crimes. more>>

Eye Saver Easy Reading light bulb Better Light Bulbs
Marshall's Space Optics researchers used their deep space optics expertise to help Westinghouse develop a super-efficient, easy-on-the-eye light bulb for workplaces right here on Earth. The Eye Saver Easy Reading Light Bulb helps workers with macular degeneration and low vision see better without straining their eyes. The bulb provides 40 percent more surface illumination than incandescent bulbs and burns twice as long – all without the tiresome glare. more>>

Insulating paint powder Insulating paint powder
Marshall researchers created a special powder that transforms paint into an eco-friendly, energy-saving insulation barrier. First tested and proven on the space shuttle, this powder can be added to any interior or exterior paint for an extra layer of insulation on your home. more>>

LED Device LED Device for Healing
Marshall's research in using red LEDs to grow plants in space led to development of a hand-held, portable LED device called WARP10 that relieves muscle pain, stiffness, and spasms and joint pain. more>>

Shuttle Foam Improved Prosthetics
Amputees nationwide are moving with more ease and comfort thanks to Marshall. That's because our researchers developed a commercial version of the shuttle's external tank foam insulation to replace the heavy, fragile plaster once used to produce master molds for prosthetics. This new material is lighter, less expensive, and faster to manufacture. more>>

Lockable Knee Brace Lockable Knee Brace for Quicker Rehabilitation
A new type of orthotic knee joint designed by a Marshall researcher has helped thousands of people regain their ability to walk. This lightweight, lockable knee brace automatically unlocks during the swing phase of walking but reengages for stability when the heel strikes the ground. The unique design helps patients walk more normally and fluidly .more>>

Spaceborne Technologies for Newborns Spaceborne Technology for Newborns
An instrument developed for measuring thermal properties of spaceborne materials ensures consistent warmth for newborn babies in neonatal intensive care units. This instrument, called the Spectrafire, provides precise measurements to ensure that baby warmers emit just the right amount of heat. The instrument was funded by a Marshall Small Business Innovation Research contract. more>>

Automotive insulation NASCAR Driver Protection
Materials that protect astronauts from heat in the space shuttle also shield drivers in racecars from extreme engine heat. Thermal protection blankets developed with materials from the shuttle thermal protection system and installed in racecars' cockpits lower temperatures in the cars by more than 40 degrees. Otherwise, those temps can rocket to a sizzling 160 degrees, causing heat exhaustion and even blistering and burning the driver. more>>

Water Purification Pure Water
Volunteering their own time, Marshall engineers helped install a portable system to purify the contaminated groundwater and well water Iraqi villagers had been drinking. The engineers created the system based on Marshall technology developed for the space station. About half the size of a refrigerator -- the portable system is trucked from one rural village to another in northern Iraq to provide clean drinking water. It purifies 4 gallons of water per minute, for a cost of only about two cents a gallon. more>>