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The structural test article adapter is flipped at Marshall testing facility Building 4705.
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Welcome to Marshall!

The Marshall Center's 4200 administrative complex on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville. Welcome to the Marshall Center! Learn more about Marshall's vital roles in America's space program.

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Marshall Pocket Guide

Marshall Pocket Guide cover graphic A fascinating look at the complex, challenging work at Marshall, and how its talented, dedicated team is supporting NASA's goals.

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Capabilities & Services

Marshall Space Flight Center Core Capabilities and Services Marshall brings vital resources to NASA and the nation for solving unique challenges of space exploration. Equipped with superior experience, critical skills and unique facilities.

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Marshall Information Sheet

Marshall Information Sheet graphic An overview of Marshall Space Flight Center's key areas of support, outreach initiatives, spinoffs and visitor information.

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Marshall Facts

Hubble Directly Observes a Planet Orbiting Another Star Marshall Space Flight Center is a key contributor to significant NASA programs, continuing a legacy of accomplishment.

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NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center: 'We do the hard stuff …"


Marshall at Work -- Latest News

    Welcome to our newest website where we will highlight recent developments and activities around the center. Come back often to see "Marshall@Work."

    Science Community to Gather for 2nd Annual International Space Station Conference (06/24/2013)

    The second annual International Space Station Research and Development Conference provides updates on science and technology accomplishments, offering potential users information and avenues for sending their investigations to the space station. It takes place July 16-18 in Denver. (American Astronautical Society) A test of the Saturn V first stage, S-1C-5, is conducted on Aug. 25, 1967, at Stennis Space Center. (NASA/SSC)
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    Members of the science community will gather for the 2nd Annual ISS Research and Development Conference to be held July 16-18 in Denver. This year’s focus is on discoveries, application and opportunities, where the attendees can learn about many of the results and benefits achieved aboard the space station.

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    Marshall-Managed SLS Program Tooling Up to Build the World’s Largest Rocket (06/24/2013)

    Vertical Weld Center Artist illustration of the Vertical Weld Center (NASA/MAF)
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    NASA’s engineers are installing massive tools specifically built to weld together NASA’s new heavy-lift rocket. One of the tools, more than 170 feet tall, is specifically designed to weld together pieces of the core stage of the Space Launch System.

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    Upgraded Payload Operations Integration Center Enhances Space Station Science Work (06/24/2013)

    NASA unveiled June 19 an upgraded Payload Operations Integration Center at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. New Payload Operations Integration Center at Marshall. (NASA/MSFC)
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    The upgraded Payload Operations Integration Center at Marshall will enhance science aboard the International Space Station. The operation center’s new capabilities enhance collaboration and enable the ground team to efficiently help the space station crew and researchers around the world.

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    Marshall Space Flight Center Celebrates Small Business Week June 17-21 (06/24/2013)

    The Marshall Center's 4200 administrative complex on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville. Marshall celebrates Small Business Week. (NASA/MSFC)
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    Marshall and all NASA centers are honoring the contributions of small business to the economic well-being of the country during Small Business Week June 17-21. “America’s Small Business Program is the economic engine in the U.S. economy that drives innovation and creates jobs for many Americans,” said David Brock, small business specialist in the Office of Procurement at Marshall.

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    Space Launch System, Managed at Marshall Space Flight Center, Kicks Off Preliminary Design Review (06/24/2013)

    Expanded view of an artist rendering of the 70 metric ton configuration of the NASA Space Launch System Preliminary design review for NASA’s Space Launch System. (NASA/MSFC) NASA is beginning a preliminary design review for its Space Launch System that is managed at Marshall. The program assessment will allow development of the agency’s new heavy-lift rocket to move from concept to initial design.

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    NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center and Industry Partners Collaborating on Key Piece of Orion Hardware (06/17/2013)

    Technicians work on a diaphragm for the Multipurpose Crew Vehicle Stage Adapter. Diaphragm for the Multipurpose Crew Vehicle Stage Adapter (NASA/Langley)
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    NASA and its industry partners are collaborating on the diaphragm for the Multipurpose Crew Vehicle Stage Adapter that will unite the Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft.NASA and its industry partners are collaborating on the diaphragm for the Multipurpose Crew Vehicle Stage Adapter that will unite the Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft.

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Flickr: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Huntsville Chamber

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