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Partnerships, Business Opportunities and Space Act Agreements
Marshall Space Flight Center Partnerships Office
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Technology Transfer
Marshall Space Flight Center Technology Transfer Office
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Doing Business WIth Us

Space technology pays dividends on Earth. Partnerships are key to NASA’s success and help to maximize the return on America’s investment in space technology and exploration. Marshall looks forward to working with you to identify projects that are mutually beneficial.  Learn more about specific ways to partner with Marshall by exploring the below links.

Partnerships Office
Matching Marshall resources and needs with those of the private sector and government agencies, the Partnerships Office serves as an entry point for those not familiar with Marshall.

Space Act Agreements
Marshall’s unique resources and expertise are available to industry, academia and government agencies through a contractual arrangement called a Space Act Agreement.

Teaming With Us
Marshall teams with organizations on opportunities – to identify, capture and pursue new work for the center in the areas of propulsion, space transportation and launch vehicles, space systems, and scientific research.

Procurement Opportunities
Find information on business opportunities, acquisition forecast, points of contact and other procurement related information.

New Business, Acquisitions
Find a complete list detailing the competition and re-competition status on contracts, as well as links to the schedule and supporting documents associated with each contract.

Small Business Initiatives
Find information about business opportunities, marketing tools, special programs, directories and other information.

Accessing Our Technologies and Data
Marshall is committed to giving you the best possible access to newer and effective technologies. Our goal is to encourage and support the use of many Marshall developed technologies in industrial and academic communities through licensing. Explore our databases including Materials and Processes Technical Information Systems (MAPTIS), Space Environments and Effects (SEE) Program and more. Leverage our Technology Transfer Office to help your business or agency solve technological challenges. Learn about the licensing process the Marshall Center uses to license technologies to the private sector and other government agencies.

More About Marshall

Image of RS-25 engine testing MSFC Prime Contractors
A list of prime contractors, current procurement activities at Marshall, and more.
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Marshall Pocket Guide cover graphicPocket Guide
A fascinating look at the complex, challenging work at Marshall, and how its talented, dedicated team supports NASA goals.
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