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Space Shuttle and Space Station Program Fact Sheets

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Building KSC's Launch Complex 39 (Rev. 2008)

FS-2007-04-012-KSC + View (5MB)

Canister Rotation Facility (Rev. 2008)

FS-2002-06-006-KSC + View (1.3MB)

Countdown! NASA Space Shuttles & Facilities

IS-2007-04-010-KSC + View (3.6MB)

Crawler Transporters

IS-2006-06-001-KSC + View(1.2MB)

From Launch to Landing (Orbiter Processing)
(Rev. 2008)

IS-2005-06-018-KSC + View (4.5MB)

KSC Transporters (Rev. 2008)

FS-2004-08-011-KSC + View (10MB)

Landing the Orbiter at KSC (Rev. 2008)

FS-2006-08-026-KSC + View (3.4MB)

Launch Complex 39, Pads A and B (Rev. 2008)

FS-2007-05-017-KSC + View (8.8MB)

MILA Spaceflight Tracking & Data Network
Station (Rev. 2008)

FS-2005-03-009-KSC + View (1.6MB)

NASA's Orbiter Fleet

FS-2007-07-025-KSC + View (11MB)

The NASA Railroad

FS-2007-10-031-KSC + View (5.6MB)

Orbiter Thermal Protection System

FS-2008-02-042-KSC + View (5MB)

Parachute Refurbishment Facility

FS-2006-10-031-KSC + View (1.7MB)

Reinforced Carbon-Carbon Panels (Rev. 2008)

FS-2004-01-001-KSC + View (3MB)

Remaining Space Shuttle Missions

FS-2011-5-095-KSC + View (6.2MB)

Shuttle Launch Imagery (Rev. 2006)

IS-2005-04-016-KSC + View (10MB)

Space Shuttle

IS-2005-06-021-KSC + View (4.2MB)

Space Shuttle Atlantis (OV-104)

FS-2011-07-155-KSC + View (3.6MB)

Space Shuttle Challenger (OV-099)

  + View (19KB)

Space Shuttle Columbia (OV-102)

Release No. 68-88 + View (34KB)

Space Shuttle Discovery (OV-103)

FS-2011-6-133-KSC + View (3.1MB)

Space Shuttle Endeavour (OV-105)

FS-2011-6-134-KSC + View (3.1MB)

Space Shuttle Astronaut Voice Communications
(Air to Ground) (Rev. 2006)

FS-2005-07-024-KSC + View (4.8MB)

Space Shuttle Era Facts

FS-2012-03-060-KSC + View (2.6MB)

Space Shuttle Launches (chart)

FS-2011-7-154-KSC + View (9.6MB)

Space Shuttle Main Engine Processing Facility
(Rev. 2006)

FS-2005-09-030-KSC + View (1.9MB)

Space Shuttle Mission Chronology Vol. 1

NP-1997-12-08-KSC-Rev + View (2.4MB)

Space Shuttle Mission Chronology Vol. 2

NP-2005-03-02-KSC + View (1.1MB)

Space Shuttle Mission Chronology Vol. 3

+ View (5.6MB)

Space Shuttle Transition and Retirement

+ View (6.6MB)

Space Shuttle Rollout to the Launch Pad
(Rev. 2006)

FS-2005-06-022-KSC + View (1.3MB)

Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Retrieval

FS-2004-03-004-KSC + View (9MB)

Space Shuttle Transoceanic Abort Landing
(TAL) Sites

FS-2006-01-004-KSC + View (3.3MB)

Space Shuttle Use of Propellants and Fluids
(Rev. 2008)

FS-2001-09-015-KSC + View (8.2MB)

Space Shuttle Weather Launch Commit Criteria
and KSC End of Mission Weather Landing Criteria

FS-2011-3-064-KSC + View (1.8MB)

Space Station Processing Facility

FS-2005-06-020-KSC + View (4.3MB)

SRB Processing (Rev. 2006)

FS-2004-07-012-KSC + View (6MB)