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A ceremonial "flipping of the switch" officially begins operation of NASA's first large-scale solar power generation facility at KennedyNASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida is committed to working with private industry in new and innovative ways as the agency's premier launch center adapts to changing spaceflight, research and exploration goals in America. Opportunities are rich and varied, ranging from working with the private launch industry, to involvement with NASA's expendable launch vehicles programs to beginning or participating in research in a number of advancing fields.

Kennedy operates some of the largest and most sophisticated testing machinery in America and can offer unique access to laboratories and experts. The center is involved in numerous federal programs, including some aimed at improving access for small business and technological transfer opportunities. The Innovative Partnerships Program (IPP) is one such program. The IPP Partnership Seed Fund improves NASA's ability to meet mission technology goals by providing seed funding, as well as bridge funding to enable larger partnerships and development efforts. The IPP is instrumental in providing for an increased range of technology solutions, broadened technology portfolios, and larger pool of qualified commercial providers.


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