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Burton R. Summerfield
Senior Advisor for Institutional Management


Burton R. Summerfield serves as the Senior Advisor for Institutional Management at NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC).  In this role, Summerfield provides specialized expertise to a wide range of mission support areas across the agency.  He is the primary liaison between KSC and NASA Headquarters Mission Support Directorate and Office of Program and Institutional Integration.  This office is responsible for reducing the institutional risk of current and future missions by improving processes, stimulating efficiency, and providing consistency and uniformity across organizational capabilities and services.  Summerfield’s responsibilities encompass all the functional areas and content of Center Management and Operations (CMO), institutional Construction of Facilities (CoF), and Environmental Compliance and Restoration.  Some of the areas under Summerfield’s purview include Center Core Technical Capability, Technical Excellence, and Technical Authority and center management functions such as facilities, information technology, fire, medical, security, environmental operations, logistics, education and outreach, and related civil service workforce.  Summerfield develops integrated strategies and planning, including related CMO and centerwide civil service workforce content, recommends operating plan marks and priorities, establishes and manages institutional reserves, manages the integration of KSC reinvestment funding and the authority-to-proceed process, and recommends and assesses funding and charging policies and plans.

Prior to his current assignment, Summerfield served as associate director for Institutional Services for the Center Operations Directorate.  He took this position in January 2009, assisting the director with development of the directorate structure and policy, requirements analysis, project management for institutional projects, and anomaly resolution for daily operations.  In addition, Summerfield was responsible for evaluating current and long-range objectives, plans, studies, policies and proposed courses of action in order to provide a basis for executive decisions affecting directorate missions.  He also oversaw institutional contracts that were managed by the directorate.

Summerfield also served as the chief of the Safety, Occupational Health, and Environmental Division of the Center Operations Directorate.  His office provided and coordinated medical, environmental health, and environmental management activities at the center.

Summerfield started his career at the center in 1982, working in the field of environmental health, and joined NASA in 1989 as Kennedy's pollution control and sanitation officer.  In 1997, he was selected the associate director of the Biomedical Office, overseeing occupational medicine, and environmental and advanced life support operations and research.

Summerfield received his undergraduate degree in environmental health from Old Dominion University in 1982.  In 1996, he received his master's in business administration from the Florida Institute of Technology.  Summerfield was board certified in the comprehensive practice of industrial hygiene in 1988 and is a diplomat of the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, as well as a member of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists and the American Industrial Hygiene Association. 

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