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Pat Hanan
September 11, 2014
Deputy Manager,
Launch Vehicle Systems
NASA's Commercial Crew Program

Pat Hanan is the deputy manager of the Launch Vehicle Systems office at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the Commercial Crew Program (CCP). CCP is leading the nation's effort of facilitating commercial vehicle development and certification to enable the safe transportation of NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station and other low Earth orbit destinations.

Prior to joining CCP, Hanan was deputy division chief for Kennedy Engineering when the center reorganized to provide matrix engineering support to all of NASA's programs and projects.

Hanan also has supported NASA's Launch Services Program (LSP) as the engineering division chief. During his LSP assignment, Hanan supported the LSP launch team for more than 50 launches, including planetary missions such as Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Pluto New Horizons, which required NASA to certify the Atlas V for the agency's use.

Hanan attended Florida Atlantic University where he received a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. He later attended the University of Central Florida where he received a master's in electrical engineering.

He has received numerous awards during his tenure with the space agency, including Group Achievement awards, NASA Commendation awards and the NASA Leadership Medal.

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