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    Innovation and Collaborations - Strengths and Capabilities

    Exploring space produces unique problems that we must address in order to sustain life. These challenges include radiation, dust, isolation, confined spaces, reduced gravity and sensory differences. In efforts to mitigate associated risks, we continually research external resources with potential to reduce portfolio gaps. Concurrently, we actively seek opportunities to apply our internal innovations and unique assets outside of human space exploration in order to enhance terrestrial life.

    In addition to providing Subject Matter Experts in the areas of occupational medicine, radiation, immunology, human factors, aerospace medicine, neurosciences, biochemistry, nutrition, muscoskelatal systems, reduced gravity, acoustics, habitability, microbiology, toxicology, kinesiology, the SLSD supports the following facilities and labs.

    Space Medicine

    • Behavioral Sciences
    • Clinical Laboratory
    • Flight Medicine Clinic
      • Audiology and Hearing Conservation Clinic
      • Dental Clinic
      • Optometry Clinic
      • Pharmacy
    • Medical Informatics and Health Care Systems
    • Medical Mission Operations

    Human Adaptation and Countermeasures

    • Biostatistics
    • Cardiovascular Laboratory
    • EVA Physiology Laboratory
    • Exercise Physiology Laboratory
    • Human Adaptation Countermeasures Core Laboratories
      • Musculoskeletal Laboratory
      • Advanced Projects Laboratory
    • Human Test Subject Facility
    • Immunology Laboratory
    • Long-Term Sample Storage
    • Neurosciences Laboratory
    • Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratories
    • Pharmacotherapeutics Laboratory
    • Space Radiation Health Laboratory
    • Tissue Analog Laboratory

    Habitability and Environmental Factors

    • Acoustics and Noise Control Laboratory
    • Habitability Design Center
    • Microbiology Laboratory
    • Space Food Systems Laboratory
    • Space Human Factors Laboratories
      • Anthropometry and Biomechanics Facility
      • Graphics Research and Analysis Facility
      • Lighting Environment Test Facility
      • Usability Testing and Analysis Facility
    • Space Radiation Analysis Group
    • Toxicology Laboratory
      • Animal Care Facility
    • Water and Food Analytical Laboratory

    You can access our Organization Chart for more detailed information regarding specific facilities, capabilities, divisions, labs, projects and groups.

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