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Innovation Lecture Series - Lisa Kennedy

Lisa Kennedy

Innovation Lecture Series: It takes a Village - GE Crowdsourcing a Solution to Beat Cancer

Lisa Kennedy, Director of Marketing for GE’s Healthymagination Initiative, presented It takes a Village - GE Crowdsourcing a Solution to Beat Cancer at Johnson Space Center, April 20, 2012.

The sequencing of the human genome has sent the understanding of cancer into a renaissance. It is likely that every month we learn more about cancer than we did every year in the last century. At a tipping point, we will beat cancer in multiple ways - finding it earlier when it is smaller, managing cell death, killing cancer stem cells, super-charging the immune system to go after cancer, stopping cancer from spreading across the body - this begins at a molecular level. In this talk, GE will share their healthymagination open innovation challenge which started with triple negative breast cancer and cancer pathways. 500 entries later and 5 seed award winners shows the extraordinary power of the crowd applied to this devastating disease. Through finding those researchers and entrepreneurs who know ways to characterize and beat cancer, by working with them to get these discoveries rapidly to proof of concept, by connecting this ecosystem to openly innovate we can compress the time from idea to patient cure.

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