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Innovation Lecture Series - InnoCentive

Innovation Lecture Series : Dr. Alpheus Bingham, InnoCentive

Dr. Alpheus Bingham, InnoCentive

Collaborative Approaches to Research and Development

Dr. Alpheus "Alph" Bingham, co-founder of InnoCentive, is a pioneer in the field of open innovation and spoke to a NASA community on the underlying principles of open innovation. He stressed the importance of reaching individuals that are most likely and least likely to solve tractable challenges. Dr. Bingham went on to address the issue of chat rooms and how they have become increasingly more popular. As the number of individuals increases within a virtual space, the cumulative intelligence increases. This cumulative increase is caused by crowds exhibiting greater intelligence than individuals. InnoCentive is a platform that connects the whole planet through the Internet as either seekers or solvers and reaches even those solvers who would have never been found through conventional channels. He stressed the notion that even non-solutions to challenges have value because they usually tend to portray the evolution of the problem through to its current state. Dr. Bingham walked through the InnoCentive model of linking seekers to solvers and also elaborated on the NASA Pavilion on InnoCentive.

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