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    Innovation and Collaborations - Innovation Lecture Series

    About the Innovation Lecture Series

    The SLSD Innovation Lecture Series was established as a forum for experts in industry, academia, and government to share their experiences and successes with new business models for driving innovation. Topics ranging from collaborative/open innovation, accelerated research models, open source software development, commercial space, innovative portfolio management, and novel approaches to education and outreach are presented to SLSD staff and other interested parties across NASA to provide information on and encourage new ways for driving innovation. Lectures are delivered 4-6 times per year at the Johnson Space Center and may be attended remotely through WebEx. Select a lecture below to view the video and/or presentation.

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  • Innovation Lecture Series - Udaya Patnaik

    Udaya Patnaik, founder and principal of Jump Associates – May 2, 2013
    Jump is a strategy and innovation firm that helps companies create new businesses and reinvent existing ones. Udaya partners with clients to manage innovation, create and commercialize new businesses, and transform organizations.

  • Innovation Lecture Series - Carlos Dominguez

    Carlos Dominguez - The TechNowist – January 11, 2013
    Carlos Dominguez is a Senior Vice President at Cisco Systems and a technology evangelist, speaking to and motivating audiences worldwide about how technology is changing how we communicate, collaborate, and especially how we work.

  • Innovation Lecture Series - Jeff Flatten

    Foldit and Games for Scientific Discovery – August 3, 2012
    Foldit is an online multiplayer video game that enables anyone to contribute to real scientific discoveries in biochemistry.

  • Lisa Kennedy

    Innovation Lecture Series - Lisa Kennedy

    It takes a Village - GE Crowdsourcing a Solution to Beat Cancer - April 20, 2012
    The sequencing of the human genome has sent the understanding of cancer into a renaissance. It is likely that every month we learn more about cancer than we did every year in the last century.

  • Stephen Shapiro

    Innovation Lecture Series - Stephen Shapiro

    Innovate the Way You Innovate - January 19, 2012
    Based on his upcoming book, Best Practices Are Stupid (published by Penguin), Stephen Shapiro will share his counterintuitive yet proven strategies for boosting innovation and making it a repeatable and sustainable process at the heart of NASA’s culture.

  • Eva Guinan

    Innovation Lecture Series - Eva Guinan, MD

    Opening Up Academic Biomedical Research - Experiments in Genomics and Type 1 Diabetes - September 7, 2011
    Eva Guinan, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Associate Direction, Center for Clinical and Translational Research at Harvard Medical School, was featured during the September Innovation Lecture Series.

  • Pascal Finette, Mozilla Labs

    Innovation Lecture Series - Pascal Finette, Director of Mozilla Labs

    Lessons from Mozilla - January 19, 2011
    On January 19, 2011 Pascal Finette, Director of Mozilla Labs, gave us his insights on Lessons Learned at Mozilla.

  • Innovation Lecture Series - Gerstenmaier

    Innovation Lecture Series : Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA Space Operations

    When Organizations Should and Should Not Innovate - October 12, 2010
    William "Bill" Gerstenmaier, Associate Administrator for Space Operations, spoke at the Space Life Sciences Innovation Lecture Series on October 12, 2010. His presentation "When Organizations Should and Should Not Innovate" addressed the importance of combining creative management with innovation.

  • Innovation Lecture Series, Scott Henderson

    Innovation Lecture Series : Scott Henderson, CauseShift

    Meaning Shapes the Mission: Inside the Social Entrepreneurʼs Mind - July 28, 2010
    Scott Henderson, Managing Director for CauseShift, spoke at the Space Life Sciences Innovation Lecture Series on July 28, 2010. His presentation “Meaning Shapes the Mission: Inside the Social Entrepreneurʼs Mind” stressed the importance of changing the mindset of organizations by asking the question “Whatʼs so revolutionary about doing good?”

  • Dr. Alpheus Bingham, InnoCentive

    Innovation Lecture Series : Dr. Alpheus Bingham, InnoCentive

    Collaborative Approaches to Research and Development - April 13, 2010
    Dr. Alpheus "Alph" Bingham, co-founder of InnoCentive, is a pioneer in the field of open innovation and spoke to a NASA community on the underlying principles of open innovation. He stressed the importance of reaching individuals that are most likely and least likely to solve tractable challenges. Dr. Bingham went on to address the issue of chat rooms and how they have become increasingly more popular.

  • Dr. Bob Sutor, IBM

    Innovation Lecture Series : Dr. Bob Sutor, VP of Open Source and Linux at IBM

    Embracing Open Source at IBM with Linux - January 20, 2010
    Dr. Sutor presented information on open source and cloud computing to a NASA community that included the SLSD, JSC, and other NASA centers. The presentation at the Innovation Lecture Series was well received and gave the audience a look into why open source software is important.

  • Dr. Alan Stern, Southwest Research Institute

    Innovation Lecture Series : Dr. Alan Stern, Southwest Research Institute

    Missions in Next-Gen Suborbital Science - September 23, 2009
    Next generation suborbital research via commercial spacecraft could potentially provide scientists a vehicle in which to perform experiments more frequently and at lower costs. Dr. Alan Stern, Associate Vice President for Southwest Research Institute and consultant to Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic...

  • Dr. Scott Johnson, Myelin Repair Foundation

    Innovation Lecture Series : Dr. Scott Johnson, Myelin Repair Foundation

    Accelerated Research Collaboration - July 9, 2009
    Dr. Scott Johnson, founder and President of the Myelin Repair Foundation, presented information on the Accelerated Research Collaboration model. The Myelin Repair Foundation, a non-profit organization, has created a research model that uses collaboration from many partners to accelerate the bench to bedside process.

  • Leveraging Collaborative Innovation at NASA Space Life Sciences

    Innovation Lecture Series : MBA students at Harvard Business School

    Leveraging Collaborative Innovation at NASA Space Life Sciences - April 14, 2009
    Vivek Garg, Dave Munchiello, and Rich Urman, MBA students at Harvard Business School, completed a field study assessing the need, approach, and challenges of SLSD relative to driving innovation. The problems NASA SLSD will face in the future will require collaboration with external organizations...