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Challenge : Behavioral Health and Performance Tools

Challenge : Behavioral Health and Performance Tools

NASA is seeking a system to understand and measure the performance effects of team cohesion, team composition, team training, or psychosocial adaptation for application to spaceflight on the based of ground based evidence. Evidence from spaceflight and ground-based studies supports the idea that both performance and health are influenced by several interpersonal factors related to teamwork including team cohesion, team selection and composition, team training, and psychosocial adaptation. NASA Behavioral Health and Performance needs to characterize and mitigate three human health risks:

  • Risk of Behavioral and Psychiatric Conditions
  • Risk of Performance Errors Due to Poor Team Cohesion and Performance, Inadequate Selection/Team Composition, Inadequate Training, and Poor Psychosocial Adaptation
  • Risk of Performance Errors Due to Sleep Loss, Fatigue, Circadian Desynchronization, and Work Overload.

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