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Human Health and Performance - E&O - Human Systems Academy

What is the Human Systems Academy?

The Human Systems Academy (HSA) is an effort within the Human Health and Performance (HH&P) Directorate at the Johnson Space Center.

The HSA will coordinate, develop, and implement curricula and coursework in human health and performance disciplines.

Goals of the HH&P Academy

Space Life Sciences Academy
  • Enhance the ability of HH&P personnel to grow, develop, and expand with the changing environment for rewarding careers
  • Strengthen the Directorate for future needs, challenges, and innovations
  • Focus on internal needs such as knowledge of the entire Directorate to enhance communication and working across divisional lines

The Vision of the Human Systems Academy

The Academy will enable the HH&P work force:

  • To adapt and grow with the dynamic nature of 21st century human space flight through a human system-centric philosophy
  • To enhance flexibility and technical competence to complement disciplines and programs across the Agency, external commercial entities, and the international community.

Current Partnerships

University of Houston: Master of Science in Human Space Exploration Sciences →

Academy Participation Eligibility

  • NASA Field Centers
  • Other federal agencies
  • National Space Biomedical Research Institute

Academy Charter.

The Human Systems Academy Charter, revised August 14, 2012

Human Systems Academy Contacts:

For more information about the Human Systems Academy, please contact Helen Lane, PhD at helen.w.lane@nasa.gov.

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