Space Operations

    Medical Operations The Space Operations Branch is responsible for providing medical support for all Shuttle and ISS missions, expert medical input to medical and program boards, flight rule recommendations, contingency planning and support, and U.S. and International training (crews, residents, flight controllers, biomedical engineer, etc.). Additionally, this office establishes medical care guideline requirements for space health care systems, works in conjunction with the Human Systems Engineering and Development Division in implementing new medical devices and protocols (as required by operational needs) and has the primary responsibility for physical strength conditioning and rehabilitation for crewmembers.

    Occupational Health

    Clinical Services The Occupational Health Branch provides Occupational, Aerospace, Dive, Emergency and Preventive Medicine and Field Occupational and Industrial Health services to civil servant, contractor and astronaut population at the Johnson Space Center and its satellite facilities. The purpose of the Branch is the recognition evaluation, control and elimination of illness and disease associated with the flight and institutional work environment and to ensure the health, productivity and wellness for the JSC team member. This also includes NASA and JSC health program policy development, implementation and oversight for all organizations at or in association within JSC.