A photograph of two participants in the Bedrest Study

    Future Campaigns

    Exercise Countermeasures Project (ECP)

    The Exercise Countermeasures Project (ECP) is focused on providing requirements for exercise devices and prescriptions for future exploration missions. To achieve this objective, ECP will determine the degree to which aerobic and resistance exercise attenuate deconditioning associated with simulated missions to, and extended stays in, reduced gravito-inertial environments. In particular, the ECP will conduct microgravity and lunar bed rest studies to identify how exercise should be used to maintain bone, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and motor-sensory system health necessary to complete anticipated exploration mission tasks. The ECP is interested in mapping individual physiologic system changes to changes in whole-body functional performance and will use task simulators that replicate activities relevant to lunar and Martian surface operations. Finally, the ECP will work with the Flight Analogs Project (FAP) to understand the functional and physiologic impacts associated with 1/6 G loading and performance of extravehicular activity (EVA) on the human body to determine if these alone, or in combination, are protective against deconditioning that occurs in these environments.

    Data from these spaceflight analog studies will help to fill a knowledge gap with regard to the ability of exercise countermeasures to protect the functional capacity of crew members to successfully execute exploration mission objectives. Further, data from these studies will help define the optimal exercise prescription including intensity, frequency, duration, and type(s) of hardware needed to maximize crew health and performance.

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