A photograph of two participants in the Bedrest Study

    About the Flight Analogs Facility

    UTMB Galveston UTMB Galveston

    The General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) located at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) is one of a national network of approximately 80 GCRC centers located within hospitals of academic medical centers throughout the U.S. The primary mission of a GCRC is to provide a research infrastructure for clinical investigators who receive grant support from the NIH or from other Federal agencies. The GCRC is equipped to handle many types of studies involving research with human subjects. It accords highest priority to studies that are sponsored by NIH. In addition, those studies that are supported by other external funding and investigators who propose to obtain funding in the future are also highly valued. The GCRC also provides the platform to perform research for the Flight Analog studies conducted on the sixth floor.

    The GCRC provides:

    • An optimal setting for controlled studies by both basic and clinical investigators
    • Bi-directional and multidisciplinary interactions among those involved in basic and clinical research on both children and adults
    • An environment and resources for developing future physician-scientists in the clinical research arena
    • Technological and therapeutic approaches to ensure rapid translation of new, basic scientific knowledge into effective patient care