The Space and Clinical Operations Division at Johnson Space Center (JSC) supports Agency astronauts and their families with the following clinics:

    JSC Medical Clinic

    JSC Medical Clinic The primary mission of the JSC Medical Clinic is to provide quality outpatient medical care for all active astronauts and their dependents (i.e. spouse and/or unmarried children under the age of 23), the AOD flight crewmembers, and all other patients authorized to receive medical care in this clinic. The Flight Medicine Clinic is also responsible for the medical selection and retention certification of all flight crewmembers. Flight Medicine Clinic physicians and staff provide support for each short and long duration space mission in addition to the support provided to these crews before and following their missions.

    Clinical Laboratory

    Clinical Laboratory The Clinical Laboratory ensures the crew health by performing any necessary laboratory analyses on the crew. This includes analysis before, during, and after the Phase III test. The crew is monitored by their physician, and she orders the necessary tests. The crew draws the blood in the chamber under the observation of a Clinical Laboratory employee. The blood is then processed and analyzed by the Clinical Laboratory personnel. Urine tests can be performed on the samples routinely collected in the chamber. The tests are performed on a variety of instruments and the results returned to the physician for interpretation.

    Audiology and Hearing Conservation Clinic (AuHCon)

    Audiology and Hearing Conservation Clinic JSC's Audiology and Hearing Conservation Clinic provides clinical, administrative and research support to NASA's efforts to prevent noise-related hearing loss among astronauts and other flight personnel, as well as ground-based NASA employees and contractors at JSC. In addition, the JSC Audiologist is a consultant in auditory issues in aerospace medicine at NASA and educator in hearing conservation topics. The JSC Audiologist is an employee of the National Space Biomedical Research Institute and Baylor College of Medicine.

    JSC Pharmacy

    JSC Pharmacy The JSC Pharmacy provides services to Flight Medicine and Occupational Medicine clinic areas. The pharmacy also dispenses outpatient prescriptions for astronauts, dependents of astronauts, and on-site employees of the Johnson Space Center.

    Radiation Operations Support Area (ROSA)

    The Radiation Operations Support Area (ROSA) is a near replica of the Mission Control Center (MCC) radiation analysis console position. This area is used for code development and testing, console operator training, and real-time support. Major equipment includes: 4-bay console with 2 DVIS key sets, DEC Alpha workstations, 2 PCs with monitor, PC servers, tape backup system, uninterruptible power supplies, TV monitor and VCR.

    Space Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory (SRDL)

    Thumbnail icon for SRDL lab. The Space Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory operates and maintains the state of the art in analysis systems for thermoluminiscent dosimeters (TLD), optically stimulated dosimeters (OSLDs), and plastic nuclear track detectors (PNTDs). All preflight assembly and postflight analysis are conducted in the laboratory as well as crew training sessions for radiation detection hardware.