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Aerospace Medicine Clerkship
November 8, 2013

Aerospace Medicine Clerkship

Work Tour Description

The four week Aerospace Medicine Clerkship is offered semi-annually during the months of April and October at the Johnson Space Center (Houston, Texas) and typically begins the first Monday and concludes on the last Friday of the month. The clerkship involves formal lectures on space medicine topics and issues, as well as familiarization with the medical aspects of International Space Station operations, design and function. Clerkship participants are required to complete a research project and paper in a current focus area of space medicine, which will be presented both orally and written to the JSC Space and Clinical Operations Community.

Eligibility Requirements

Interested persons must be at least in their final year of medical school during the clerkship and have an interest in Aerospace Medicine.

Application and Selection Process

In addition to the application, a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, letter of good standing / recommendation from the school or institution, and official transcript from the medical school are required. Applications are due June 1 for the October clerkship and December 1 for the April clerkship.

Upon completion of the application period, five students will be selected for each of the clerkships by a committee of NASA flight surgeons and other Space and Clinical Operations team members. Selection is based upon interest and career goals in Aerospace Medicine, academic standing, content of a Dean's recommendation, research, and work experience.

Mail application to:

Elisca Hicks
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Mail Code SD222
2101 NASA Parkway
Houston, Texas 77058
+Aerospace Medicine Clerkship Application

Logistics of the Clerkship

If selected, to assist with lodging, you will be supplied with a listing of NASA and contractor personnel who have rooms to rent as well as local hotels and extended stays.

You will be supplied with a workstation at Wyle Integrated Science and Engineering, including a phone and computer to be used for research purposes.

Participants are responsible for their own transportation during the clerkship. However, there will be opportunities to carpool back and forth from Wyle to JSC with the coordinator or other clerks.

All costs incurred during the clerkship are your responsibility. No monies are provided by JSC or Wyle for the clerkship.

During The Clerkship

During the clerkship you will be exposed to a variety of space medicine topics given in presentations, lectures, and tours, such as the medical equipment available to crew members in space, space physiology, radiation monitoring, tours of the training facilities, etc. The daily activities will include both presentations and tours, as well as time for you to work on your project. The schedules are always subject to change.

If any special events are to occur during the clerkship, time is usually set aside for the clerks to attend, but would be considered optional.

This is considered an educational/research clerkship, so do not expect contact/interaction with patients during the clerkship.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Elisca Hicks at 281-244-6844 or(elisca.m.hicks@nasa.gov).

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