Space Human Factors and Habitability

    Space Human Factors and Habitability Element

    The Space Human Factors and Habitability (SHFH) Element consists of three main project areas: Advanced Environmental Health (AEH), Advanced Food Technology (AFT), and Space Human Factors Engineering (SHFE).

    The AEH project focuses on understanding the risk of microbial contamination of the spacecraft and on the development of standards for exposure to potential toxins, such as lunar dust. The project also provides environmental requirements, particularly for the atmosphere and water for spacecraft and space missions.

    The AFT project focuses on reducing the mass, volume, and waste of the entire integrated food system for exploration missions, while investigating processing methods to extend the shelf life of food items for missions up to five years. The project also delivers improvements in both the food itself and the technologies for storing and preparing it.

    The SHFE project establishes human factors standards and guidelines for human-machine interactions to ensure optimal productivity of the crew in both physical and cognitive interactions with hardware and software.

    SHFE also provides validated models for predicting the effects of interface designs on human performance, methods for measuring human and human-system performance, and improved design concepts for advanced crew interfaces and habitability systems.

    To learn more about SHFH, please visit: elements/research_info_element-shfh.html.