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    Lunar Pressurized Logistics Module concept Lunar Pressurized Logistics Module concept
    The Habitability Design Center (HDC) is NASA's conceptual, human- centered design studio. The HDC creates opportunities for design to solve the unique challenges of living and working in extreme environments, providing advanced concepts to the NASA community using Human Factors as a design tool to develop products, systems, and architecture. By focusing on the needs of humans, the HDC creates and aids in product development that enhances crew productivity and well-being. This resource of imaginative design aims to inspire the next generation of human exploration of the Moon, Mars and beyond.

    The HDC assures successful human habitation and performance in space through the development of early and iterative conceptual designs, models and mockups of habitation systems, hardware and architectural concepts. Evaluations then investigate crew interface designs and operating concepts to predict human and machine performance in space, and generate design requirements.