Habitability and Environmental Factors

    Human Systems Engineering and Development Division

    HSED Division Chief:
    William 'Bill' W. Seitz

    Deputy Division Chief:
    Kevin MacNeill

    Assistant Chief:
    Dane Russo, Ph.D.

    Assistant Chief for Integration:
    Deborah 'Deb' Neubek
    David Fitts

    Contact Information
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    Johnson Space Center
    Mail Code: SF
    2101 NASA Parkway
    Houston, Texas 77058

    The Human Systems Engineering and Development (HSED) Division at NASA/Johnson Space Center is responsible for providing a safe and productive environment for any human spacecraft or habitat and overseeing the research and technology development to enable humans to safely and effectively live and work in space. The HSEDD supports NASA’s strategic goals of managing human system hardware for the ISS and other vehicles, developing hardware to maintain crew health, supporting human research in space, providing agency expertise in human factors engineering and human systems integration, and maintaining the IT infrastructure for the Human Health and Performance Directorate’s medical, research, and business functions.

    Systems Management and Integration Branch

    The Systems Management and Integration Branch provides technical insight into the design, development, test, certification, sustaining engineering, and flight and safety operation of hardware or software associated with the Human Health and Performance (HH&P) Directorate’s technical areas. This branch is the primary interface between the Directorate, Program Chief Engineers and flight vehicle Program Office, International Partner providers, and hardware/software providers with respect to HH&P Systems.

    For additional information, contact Crystal Haddock, Branch Chief.

    Habitability and Human Factors Branch

    The Habitability and Human Factors Branch is responsible for ensuring that space human factors, including human physical parameters and performance capabilities and limitations, are defined, documented, and applied to the design and operation of vehicles, habitats, and flight crew systems equipment to ensure the safety and productivity of humans in space. Crew station integration and crew interface analysis for flight crew systems are also performed by this group in support NASA's human space flight programs. This group establishes conceptual designs for habitats and crew systems; verifies human-machine interfaces and the operational habitability of spacecraft and habitats; and oversees and conducts research in space human factors to improve human performance and productivity. This Branch develops and operates specialized and unique facilities and laboratories to support investigations and analyses, human engineering, and integration of safe and productive flight crews with vehicles, habitats and flight crew systems.

    Habitability and Environmental Factors Human Factors Task Coordination
    For additional information contact Jonathan Dory, Branch Chief.

    Project Management and Engineering Branch

    The Project Management and Engineering Branch is responsible for providing hardware support across the entire hardware life cycle to ensure crew health and safety, including managing technical requirements, budget, and schedule. This branch manages hardware developed within the Directorate for medical and research activities. Additionally, this branch manages the Space Food System.

    For additional information contact Kimberly Baird, Branch Chief.

    Information Systems Architecture

    The Information Systems Architecture Branch is responsible for defining and implementing a comprehensive information architecture, data management strategy, and website integration plans for the Human Health and Performance Directorate. This includes maintaining and operating, and ensuring the safety of systems such as the Electronic Medical Record, Life Science Data Archive (LSDA), and Longitudinal Study of Astronaut Health (LSAH).

    For additional information contact Kathy Johnson-Throop, Branch Chief.