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    • Strauss S, Krog RL, Feiveson AH. Extravehicular mobility unit training and astronaut injuries. Aviat Space Environ Med. 76(5):469-474, 2005.
    • Batdorf NJ, Feiveson AH, Schlegel T. Month-to-month and year-to-year reproducibility of high frequency QRS ECG signals. J Electrocardiol. 37(4):289-96, 2004. This is a duplication - see Neuroscience and I believe it should be there instead of here. Could not find duplicate.
    • Feiveson AH, Metter EJ, Paloski WH. A statistical model for interpreting computerized dynamic posturography data. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. 49(4):300-9, 2002.


    • Feiveson AH. Use of Gaussian integration in stata. 3rd North American Stata Users Group Meeting. Boston, MA. August 23-25, 2004.
    • Feiveson AH, Shackelford LC. Two-sample conference intervals for threshold violation: application to nominferiorty testing. Eastern North American Region (ENAR) of International Biometric Society. Pittsburgh, PA. March 28-31, 2004.