About the Short-Arm Centrifuge Laboratory

    The Short-Arm Centrifuge Laboratory supports human experiments requiring eccentric rotation. The test area currently has a 1.5 meter radius maximum operational envelop which allows eccentric rotation of most subject orientations up to approximately 1 meters from the
    Subject on the Short-Arm Centrifuge Subject on the Short-Arm Centrifuge
    center axis of rotation. The centrifuge has been developed with a modular design which allows various components to be interchanged to accommodate different experimentSubject on the Short-Arm Centrifuge configurations and allow for future design enhancements. The major hardware modules include: rotator system, subject restraint with centrifuge arm, head restraint with eye-head measurement recording systems, visual display, communication interface module, and stimulus control - data acquisition computer system. This system supports studies investigating the potential of using artificial gravity as a countermeasure for space flight related changes in physiological function.