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    Space Radiation: Organization Sites

    Loma Linda University Medical Center

    Thousands of patients have been treated at the Loma Linda University (LLU) Proton Treatment Center since its completion in 1990. Proton radiation therapy allows the physician to focus the radiation beam more precisely in the target, thereby reducing radiation received by normal tissues. NASA researchers use the LLU Proton Accelerator to simulate the protons found in space.

    National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements

    NCRP's mission is to help disseminate information and research data about radiation exposure and protection guidelines in the public interest.


    Established in 1997 through a NASA competition, the National Space Biomedical Research Institute is working on countermeasures to the health-related problems and physical and psychological challenges men and women will face on long-duration missions. The research consortium's primary objective is to ensure safe and productive human space flight.

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