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    ISS Medical Project (ISSMP)

    The goals and objectives of the ISS Medical Project (ISSMP) are to maximize the use the ISS and other spaceflight platforms to assess the effects of long-duration spaceflight on human systems, devise and verify strategies to ensure optimal crew (individual and group) behavior and performance; and develop and validate a suite of integrated physical (e.g., exercise), pharmacologic and/or nutritional countermeasures against deleterious effects of space flight that may impact mission success or crew health. The ISSMP provides planning, integration, and implementation services for Human Research Program (HRP) research tasks and evaluation activities requiring access to space or related flight resources on the ISS, Soyuz, Progress, or other spaceflight vehicles and platforms. This includes pre flight and post flight activities. ISSMP services include operations and sustaining engineering for HRP flight hardware; experiment integration and operation, including individual research tasks and on-orbit validation of next generation on-orbit equipment; medical operations; procedures development and validation; and crew training tools and processes, as well as operation and sustaining engineering for the Telescience Support Center. The ISSMP integrates the HRP approved flight activity complement and interfaces with external implementing organizations, such as the ISS Payloads Office and International Partners, to accomplish the HRP's objectives. This effort is led by JSC with Baseline Data Collection support from KSC.

    HRP ISS Research Tactical Flight Plan

    For more information visit the ISSMP web site.

    • Cynthia Haven
    • Clarence Sams, PhD
    • Mark Pickett