Program Support - Human Health Countermeasures

    Human Health Countermeasures (HHC)

    The HHC Program Element provides the biomedical expertise for the development and assessment of medical standards, vehicle and spacesuit requirements dictated by human physiologic needs, and develops a validated and integrated suite of countermeasures that ensure the maintenance of crew health during all phases of the exploration missions.

    Countermeasures target human physiologic and performance capabilities at risk from spaceflight missions at each stage of mission performance. Pre-flight countermeasures involve physical fitness and exercise, and physiologic adaptation training. In-flight countermeasures cover physiologic and nutritional health, physical fitness, and mission performance. Post-flight countermeasures target rehabilitation strategies.

    This effort is led by JSC. Other participants in this work include ARC and GRC. International agencies currently cooperate on joint flight proposals, reduced gravity studies, and collaborative bed rest studies, and these collaborations are anticipated to continue in the future.

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    • David Baumann
    • Peter Norsk, M.D.
    • Ronita Cromwell, Ph.D.