Education and Outreach

    Space Life Sciences Summer Institute


    Scientists, physicians, and engineers within the Human Health and Performance Directorate (HH&P) mentor students at the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). These students are invited to participate in the Space Life Sciences Summer Institute (SLSSI), the purpose of which is to offer a unique learning environment that focuses on current biomedical issues associated with human spaceflight in support of space exploration.

    Background and Scope

    The ultimate goal of the Institute is to provide an introduction of the paradigms, problems, and technologies of modern human space exploration, cast within a framework of the HH&P. An 8-week series of lectures are provided to familiarize students to the various aspects of human physiology and spaceflight. In addition to the lecture series, behind-the-scenes tours are offered that include the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL), Mission Control Center (MCC), training mockups, and a hands-on demonstration of Space Suits.

    We bring together scientists and students to discuss cutting-edge solutions to problems in space physiology, environmental health, and medicine. The Institute fosters a multi-disciplinary science approach to learning with a particular emphasis on stimulating experimental creativity within an operational environment.

    Lecture Series Topics

    • Astronaut Lectures
    • Astronaut Selection and Training
    • Behavioral Health and Performance
    • Bone Health in Space
    • Cardiovascular Physiology
    • Collaboration/Open Innovation
    • Environmental Health Concerns
    • EVA Physiology
    • Exercise Countermeasures
    • Flight and Ground Analog
    • Human Research Program
    • JSC Facility Tour (Mission Control, Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility, and Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory)
    • Neurosciences
    • Nutrition
    • Space Exploration
    • Space Food
    • Space Immunology & Microbiology
    • Space Medicine
    • Space Radiation
    • Space Suit Demonstration
    • Visual Impairment/Intracranial Pressure (VIIP)

    Student Opportunities

    All HH&P summer students are eligible to participate in the SLSSI.

    Student employment opportunities within HH&P are offered through various avenues, including: NASA, government contractors, Space Grant Consortia, the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, and others.

    For more information regarding these opportunities, please visit any of the following websites: