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    Guidelines for Accessing Video, Film and Audio Collection

    S119-E-008308 -- International Space Station

    Backdropped by the blackness of space and Earth's horizon, the International Space Station is seen from space shuttle Discovery as the two spacecraft begin their relative separation during the STS-119 mission. Credit: NASA

    The MRC provides access to available video products to domestic accredited news media, production companies, schools (or educational institutions), businesses, government entities, and civil and professional organizations only. Viewings are not available for individuals in their homes.

    Product loans cannot be made to minors. Students should make their requests through a school official.

    No fee is charged for borrowing video/film/audio materials. Borrowers must pay the cost of return postage. Requests must be received in the MRC a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the earliest show date. The MRC does not ship C.O.D., and inbound C.O.D. shipments will not be accepted. The MRC can ship via a courier service providing the customer supplies their courier account number for billing.

    Use of these products must conform to government policies that prohibit NASA participation in activities where any individual is to be excluded on account of race or creed. Showings are for non-sponsored public affairs programs and television broadcasts. Unless designated "copyrighted," no copyright is asserted for NASA video, film, audio products. (See Guidelines for Use of NASA Imagery.)

    No admission fees may be charged for viewing these products.

    Products borrowed from the MRC may not be cut, or otherwise altered, without written permission from NASA.

    Formats available for loan are:
      • Audio cassettes
      • 1/2" VHS videocassettes (VH)
      • 3/4” U-Matic videocassettes
      • Betacam SP videocassettes (BC)
      • DVD
      • A limited number of High Definition titles are available
        (NOTE: Not every title is available in all the listed formats.)
    The maximum loan period is 2 weeks from receipt of video. No more than 15 productions may be loaned to your organization at one time.

    Specify first and alternative choices of showing dates, titles, and/or formats.

    Audiovisual products must be returned on schedule so that subsequent bookings may be accommodated. Should you need an extension, please call the MRC to make arrangements rather than keeping the material. If the materials become overdue, no further shipments will be sent until all overdue productions are received in the MRC.

    Video viewing equipment is available at the MRC for research purposes. Arrangements to use this equipment must be made at least one week in advance. A written list of the productions to be viewed must be received at least 7 business days prior to the scheduled visit.

    Space shuttle Columbia

    Space shuttle Columbia awaits the beginning of STS-1, the first shuttle mission. Credit: NASA

    NASA video/film productions are available for purchase. NASA provides limited research support for raw stock materials at no charge. However, the requester must pay any laboratory costs for duplication of raw stock materials. To arrange for research or purchase of raw stock footage or edited productions contact the MRC at (281) 483-4231, option 2. International requestors are required to purchase or to obtain footage from an International Partner organization.

    A packing list is enclosed with each shipment and is a complete listing of package contents and indicates the date on which the borrowed productions need to be returned to the MRC. The packing list should be enclosed with the borrowed productions to ensure a non-delinquent status on your account. The reverse side of the address card attached to the front of each package is addressed for return mailing to the MRC.

    First time borrowers, and those who do not already have the information on file, must fill out the "MRC Account Information" form. Contact the MRC at (281) 483-4231, option 2 to receive the necessary forms.


  • Guidelines for Use of NASA Imagery

    NASA generally has no objection to the reproduction and use of NASA materials (audio transmissions and recordings; video transmissions and recordings; or still and motion picture photography), subject to the conditions found here.

  • Accessing Still Photography

    The MRC still photography collection contains a variety of NASA-related images including astronaut training, crew portraits, and flight hardware; as well as a selection of photos from the launch, landing, and onboard phases of the flights. Learn how to access it here.

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