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    s118e06097 -- Shuttle and station crew members
    Image above: Shuttle and station crew members play with cameras inside the space station's Destiny laboratory. Credit: NASA


  • Human Space Flight Gallery

    The searchable galleries of the Human Space Flight Web contain thousands of images and videos relating to NASA's human missions, from the Mercury program to the International Space Station.

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  • Human Space Flight Station Gallery

    Download images from past, current and upcoming expeditions. View imagery of astronauts, cosmonauts, visiting vehicles and other space station activities.

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  • Human Space Flight Shuttle Gallery

    Download images from past, current and upcoming missions. Check out imagery of astronauts, launches, spacewalks and other shuttle mission activities.

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  • Gateway to Astronaut Photography

    The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth hosts the best and most complete online collection of astronaut photographs of the Earth from 1961 through the present. This is the place to search the complete collection of astronaut photos of Earth.

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  • Earth from Space

    JSC's Earth from Space Web site is a catalog of some of the most beautiful and fascinating photos captured by astronauts during their missions. It is fully searchable and browsable.

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  • Earth Observatory

    This site provides images of various phenomena -- natural and man-made -- that affect our Earth. Resources are available for missions and experiments. Also, read the latest news on Earth science.

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  • NASA Image Exchange

    Search this database of NASA imagery, or view an index of Web sites that brings together all of NASA's photo collections.

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  • Media Resource Center

    The Media Resource Center provides a centralized location for access to thousands of still photo images and video available to accredited news media, production companies, schools and community groups. This collection covers NASA's programs and achievements, including historical programs through current and upcoming International Space Station missions. The MRC can be reached at 281-483-4231 or by email at

  • Guidelines for Use of NASA Imagery

    Although NASA does not usually assert its copyright for photographs, read this document about use of images and other NASA symbols.

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