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Exhibits Specialist
January 10, 2012

Some NASA exhibits require a supervisor for set up due to their complex nature. Exhibit supervisors actively assist in the set up of the exhibit. In the event you request one of these exhibits, your organization will be responsible for the following items:

  • All travel arrangements are to be provided "in kind." No money in any form is to be exchanged between your organization and the set-up supervisor.
  • Travel arrangements from Houston Hobby Airport
    1. Tickets must be received by this office one week before travel is to commence.
    2. The supervisor may leave no earlier than 9 a.m. and return no later than 4 p.m.
    3. Days available for travel are Monday-Friday, not to include government holidays.
  • Ground transport at destination
             Rental car, cab fare, or private transport may be provided.
  • Hotel accommodations and meals
             Payment is to be made directly to the place of lodging for room and meals.
  • Tools required for set up
             Specific tools required for set up are listed in the requirements section for each exhibit on our web site At a minimum these normally include a forklift, 2 each - 6-10 foot stepladders, and various hand tools.

Send questions, comments and requests about JSC Exhibits to JSC-Exhibits-Desk. Please do not contact the Web site curator or Responsible NASA Official listed at the bottom of this page.

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