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JSC Exhibits - Panels
January 10, 2012

Large, self-standing information panels make learning easy and interesting. Subjects include space food, the Apollo Program and the International Space Station.

Name Photo Description
The International Space Station The International Space Station

This self-standing panel display overviews the International Space Station through photographic images and captions. This exhibit highlights the space station including its assembly and habitation, including how crews live and work in an orbiting environment.

Assembled dimensions: 144" x 36" x 84"

Space Food Space Food

Through the use of photography, text and actual food samples, this self standing exhibit historically highlights food in space from early manned spaceflight to the shuttle program.

Assembled dimensions: 162" x 36" x 84"

Exploring the Universe Exploring the Universe

This educational self-standing exhibit provides information on the various satellites that allow remote observation into our universe. Several stunning images from various satellites and the accompanied text provide a unique perspective.

Assembled dimensions: 143" x 36" x 84"

Project Apollo Project Apollo

Learn more about this crowning achievement in humankind history. This self-standing exhibit will take you into Project Apollo through its use of photographs and text.

Assembled dimensions: 360" x 73" x 24".

Manned Space Flight History Manned Space Flight History

Discover a brief history of past manned space flight missions portrayed through the use of photographs and text in this self-standing exhibit.

Assembled dimensions: 250" x 36" x 84"

Preserving Our Planet Preserving Our Planet

This self-standing panel exhibit illustrated with captions and large photographs depicts ways in which we monitor our Earth's changes.

Assembled dimensions: 144" x 36" x 84"

Exploring the Solar System Exploring the Solar System

With dramatic planetary photographs, descriptive text, and captions, this self-standing panel exhibit summarizes NASA's planetary exploration program.

Assembled dimensions: 240" x 36" x 84"

America's Space Shuttle America's Space Shuttle

Comprised of large photographs, combined text and a 1/100th scale shuttle stack model, this self-standing display highlights the components of the space shuttle and some of its uses.

Assembled dimensions: 260" x 36" x 84"

Food for Space Food for Space

A tabletop version of the self-standing panel displays illustrating food in space. The exhibit utilizes photography, captions and mock-up Space Shuttle food tray with assorted foods depicting a typical dinner and menu aboard the Orbiter.

Assembled dimensions: 72" x 16" x 30"

Antarctic Meteorites Antarctic Meteorites Photo

This self-standing panel display overviews the studies, sources, and samples of the meteorite collection. Photography, captions and a bottom lighted case containing 3 sections of meteorite imbedded in Lucite provide an excellent educational exhibit.

Assembled dimensions: 95" x 36" x 84"

Fast Food Fast Food

A self-standing display providing examples of food tray mock-ups complete with food samples of both the systems used in the space shuttles and international space station. Large photographs and text illustrate to similarities and subtle differences that exists in these systems.

Assembled dimensions: 113" x 36" x 84".

Space Shuttle Systems Space Shuttle Systems

Eight self-standing panels, illustrating the space shuttle systems and upgrades through photographs and artwork.

Assembled dimensions: 224" x 36" x 84".

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