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Engineering Test Facilities Guide

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JSC Engineering Capabilities

Johnson Space Center's engineering teams have successfully accomplished many of the nation's most complex human spaceflight-related projects. We have created and refined innovative spaceflight research and development techniques that encompass all phases of human spaceflight – from highly developed design through fabrication and operations processes. Through this ongoing refinement, JSC Engineering continues to expand its world-class capabilities, which include an expert work force, robust infrastructure, unique facilities, flexible project management, and a proven operating system.
As commercial partnerships take an increasing role in spaceflight operations, it is critical that we leverage our national investments and capabilities to ensure mission success. Our goal is to provide the forum to cultivate these relationships and opportunities with organizations interested in commercial crew transportation and suborbital flight activities. Our corporate knowledge has been built over generations, starting with the men and women who first dared to send humans beyond the boundary of our atmosphere. We would like to share this knowledge, expertise, experiences and capabilities that our organization can provide to commercial needs and concerns, and thus improve overall support to commercial space development.

Capabilites and Facilities

Human Space Vehicle Systems

Integrated Human Space Vehicle Systems

Johnson Space Center Engineering has over 45 years of combined expertise in design of space vehicle systems, combining structural design, analysis, testing, dynamic loads analysis, and performance ...

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Life Support Systems & Environmental Control

Johnson Space Center Engineering is the world leader in human spaceflight for space suits, human health and performance, space medicine, extravehicular activity, environmental control, and ...

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Flight Design

Flight Design

Johnson Space Center Engineering offers unique capabilities in developing ascent, on-orbit, entry and landing recovery systems, computer graphics for engineering visualization and state-of-the-art ...

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Integrated Environments Testing and Analysis

Integrated Environments Testing and Analysis

Johnson Space Center Engineering was established for manned space vehicles from early concept to certified spaceflight vehicles and components. The integrated environments facilities test, evaluate, ...

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Robotics & Simulation

Robotics & Simulation

Johnson Space Center Engineering offers a variety of capabilities to conceive, develop, adapt, infuse, and sustain intelligent systems, robotics systems, and real-time simulation systems within the ...

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JSC Engineering Maunufacturing

Johnson Space Center Engineering provides state-of-the-art technology for the manufacture, fabrication and assembly of developmental, test, and flight hardware, heavy machine manufacturing and ...

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