IV&V Annual Workshop 2012

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2012 Annual Workshop

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Date Start Time End Time Presentation Presenter(s)
Day 1
09/11/2012 8:25 8:55 Track A - Measuring IV&V ROI

Track B - Combining Performance Modeling and Risk Analysis: A Homeland Security Case Study
Track A - Arde Bedjanian

Track B - Bojan Cukic
09/11/2012 8:55 9:25 Track A - Communicating the Value of IV&V

Track B - V&V Activities within Two Brazilian Space Research Institutes

Track A - Mary Jo Egbert

Track B - Miriam C. Bergue Alves, Valdivino Alaexandre de Santi- ago Junior, Nandamudi L. Vijaykumar

09/11/2012 9:25 9:55 Track A - Software Engineering Handbook Update

Track B - Conquering Complexity
Track A - Kevin Carmichael, Kathy Malnick

Track B - Mike Hinchey
09/11/2012 10:10 10:40 Track A - Measuring Return on Investment for Software IV&V

Track B - Measuring Combinatorial Coverage of System State-space for IV&V
Track A - Bob Hunt

Track B - Rick Kuhn, Raghu Kacker
09/11/2012 1:30 2:00 Track A - Software Safety Requirement Definition Model in JAXA's Spacecraft Projects

Track B -On-Orbit Anomaly Research
Track A - Hiroki Umeda, Masa Kitahira

Track B - Sam Cilento, Dan Painter, Ken Costello, Steve Pukansky
09/11/2012 2:00 2:30 Track A - Families of Products in Space

Track B - Center of Excellence for Software Traceability (COEST): An Update on TRACELAB+, plus Assessment of Provided Trace Matrices
Track A - Mike Hinchey

Track B - Jane Hayes
09/11/2012 3:45 4:15 Track A - Independence of Hazard Inhibits in Stored Command Sequences

Track B - Logic-Based Methods for Assurance of Complex System Performance
Track A - Chad Schaeffer, Ryan Schmidt

Track B - Dr. Ralph Wojtowicz
09/11/2012 4:15 4:45 Track A - Hazard Database for NASA Software Analysis Track A - Chad Schaeffer, Ryan Schmidt
Day 2
09/12/2012 8:05 8:35 Track A - Developing a NASA case study: An exercise in un- derstanding and developing patience & recognizing the importance of vision in achieving value Track A - Eric Sylvania
09/12/2012 8:35 9:05 Track A - Challenges and Opportunities of Performing IV&V on an En Route Project

Track B - Scripting Technique to Transform Use Case Scenarios to Test Cases
Track A - Jeremy Fienhold

Track B - Andy Chen, Jim Savarino, Shirley Savarino
09/12/2012 9:05 9:35 Track A - Modeling the Image-Processing Behavior of the NASA Voyager Mission with ASSL Track A - Emil Vassev, Mike Hinchey
09/12/2012 9:50 10:20 Track A - Extending Benefits of Static Code Analysis Tools

Track B - MSL Second Chance
Track A - Chris Williams

Track B - Pradip Maitra
09/12/2012 10:20 10:50 Track A - Improving IV&V Methods based on Practical Data Analysis in JAXA's Spacecraft Projects

Track B - A Catalog of Methods for Performing IV&V
Track A - Jacob Cox

Track B - Sarma Susarla
09/12/2012 10:50 11:20 Track A - IV&V of Auto-Generated Code for the Mars Science Laboratory

Track B - IV&V Test Verification Methodologies in Highly Parallel Development Projects
Track A - Jacob Cox

Track B - Sarma Susarla
09/12/2012 1:15 1:45 Track A - IV&V Robotics

Track B - A Method for Quantitative Scenario Evaluation
Track A - Charley Price, Ricky Forquer, Steven Hard

Track B - Samuel Brown, Wesley Deadrick, Travis Dawson
09/12/2012 1:45 2:15 Track A - Simsmithing: Converting Words into Simulations Track A - Dan Nawrocki, Steven Seeger, Scott Zemerick
09/12/2012 2:15 2:45 Track A - 1553 and SpaceWire Interception

Track B - V&V of Fault Management: Challenges and Successes: Breakout Session
Track A - Brandon Bailey, Justin McCarty, Mark Pitts

Track B - Kenneth Costello, Lorraine Fesq
Day 3
09/13/2012 8:05 8:35 Track A - The Challenges of Teaching an Introduction to Systems Engineering: Lessons from Real Class Experimentation

Track B - IV&V of Critical Behavior
Track A - Michael Carr

Track B - Shirley Savarino
09/13/2012 8:35 9:05 Track A - Disaster Recovery Planning Process

Track B - IV&V Security Analysis Techniques for Large Scale Communications Systems
Track A - Xbox Kinect + Crowd Sourcing

Track B - Joelle Spagnuolo-Loretta, Roger Harris
09/13/2012 9:05 9:35 Track A - A Data Object Model for IV&V Analysis

Track B - A Simple Management and Analysis of Requirements and Traceability Tool for IV&V Analysis
Track A - Neal Saito

Track B - Charles Broadwater, Travis Dawson, Michael Facemire
09/13/2012 9:50 10:20 Track A - Evolution of Dynamic Analysis: The RSLP Experience

Track B - MPCV Testing (focused on PLATO)
Track A - Cedric Pascua

Track B - Eric Weasenforth, Rick Beamer, Walter Schostak
09/13/2012 10:20 10:50 Track A - Assurance Cases and the Test Design IV&V

Track B - MPCV FSW Architecture (IMA, technology, impacts, IV&V processes, MPCV experience)
Track A - Khalid Lateef

Track B - Kim Mittelsted
09/13/2012 10:50 11:20 Track A - V&V of Fault Management: Challenges and Successes: Breakout Session Results

Track B - Risk Based & Portfolio Based Assessment Process Validation using results from the Space Launch System, System Design Review
Track A - Ken Costello, Lorraine Fesq

Track B - Steve Driskell, Mel Rother
09/13/2012 1:30 2:00 Track A - ISVV efficiency measurement in ESA space projects

Track B - Mapping Analysis through Source Code Releases
Track A - Pedro Barrios

Track B - Jacob Cox
09/13/2012 2:00 2:30 Track A - Enabling Technologies for IV&V of the New York City 911 Emergency Communication System Upgrade

Track B - MSL IV&V Unified Analysis Process
Track A - Jim Savarino, Jeff Northey, Shirley Savarino, Andy Chen, Bojan Cukic, Jesse Musgrove, John Ryan

Track B - Richard Kowalski
09/13/2012 2:30 3:00 Track A - Xbox Kinect + Crowd Sourcing as a Prototype for Code Validation

Track B - Towards Content/Context-based and Collaborative IV&V
Track A - Matthew A. Trippy

Track B - Pat Olguin

Posters Presenter(s)
Survey of Trade Study Methods for Practical Decision Making
P. Baker
Comparison of IV&V Uncrewed Projects and Crewed Projects
J. Bradbury
IV&V Dynamic Test and Analysis with the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Flight Software
R. Beamer
Robotics Mission Support
R. Forquer
R. Forquer
NASA Software Safety Process
K. Malnick
Reflections of a Test Engineer
C. Adkins
NASA IV&V Space Flight Design Challenge
S. Hard
NASA/NIA RASC-AL Exploration Robo-Ops Competition  


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