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2010 IV&V Annual Workshop

The table below contains the agenda with links to the presentations, abstracts, and posters submitted for the 2010 collection. Presentations or posters containing ITAR/EAR restricted information are represented in the collection only by a “place-holder” containing the cover page information (particularly contact info); those presentations are distributed by their authors via standard ITAR/EAR distribution channels, and may be obtained where available from those channels.

We hope you find this information valuable and that your experience with this year’s Workshop is worthwhile and rewarding!

2010 IV&V Annual Workshop Organizing Committee

Date Abstract ID Start Time End Time Abstract Title Abstract Presenter(s) Email(s)
09/15/2010 1000 8:45 9:30 MSL Code Analysis Abstract Jake Cox Jacob.T.Cox@ivv.nasa.gov
09/15/2010 1010 9:30 10:00 Management techniques employed on MSL for the IV&V program Abstract Frank Huy, Shirley Savarino Frank.A.Huy@nasa.gov, Shirley.A.Savarino@ivv.nasa.gov
09/15/2010 1020 10:00 10:30 Code Execution And Runtime Verification Abstract Jeff Zemerick Jeffrey.T.Zemerick@ivv.nasa.gov
09/15/2010 1030 10:45 11:30 Space Shuttle IV&V Toolset - Capabilities for reuse in other IV&V Projects *ITAR RESTRICTED* Abstract John Bradbury, Jeny Hehir John.W.Bradbury@ivv.nasa.gov, Jeny Hehir
09/15/2010 1040 11:30 12:00 DOLILU rules, a reference model for verification of ascent guidance and flight control (*ITAR RESTRICTED*) Abstract Daniel McCaugherty Daniel.B.McCaugherty@ivv.nasa.gov
09/15/2010 1510 1:00 1:45 Using class, activity, and state charts to validate system requirements – basics Abstract John "Mac" Felsing John.M.Felsing@ivv.nasa.gov
09/15/2010 1520 1:45 2:30 Dependability and Safety Case for GPM and MSL safe hold mode Abstract Steve Driskell, Judy Murphy Stephen.B.Driskell@ivv.nasa.gov, Judy.L.Murphy@ivv.nasa.gov
09/15/2010 1530 2:45 3:30 Application of Graph Theory to Requirements Traceability Abstract Samuel. Brown Samuel.R.Brown@ivv.nasa.gov
09/15/2010 1540 3:30 4:15 Visual Analysis of Requirements Flowdown to Software Components and Test Abstract Ken Haught Kenneth.M.Haught@ivv.nasa.gov
09/16/2010 2010 8:30 9:30 ISS IV&V independent testing *ITAR RESTRICTED* Abstract Sarma Susarla, Bob Inscoe Sarma.V.Susarla@ivv.nasa.gov, Robert.L.Inscoe@ivv.nasa.gov
09/16/2010 2020 9:30 10:00 ITC - NASA IV&V Independent Testing Capability Introduction Abstract Justin Morris, Steven Seeger Justin.R.Morris@nasa.gov, Steven.D.Seeger@ivv.nasa.gov
09/16/2010 2030 10:15 11:00 GO-SIM - GPM Operational Simulator (ITC) Abstract Justin Morris, Steven Seeger, Brandon Bailey Justin.R.Morris@nasa.gov, Steven.D.Seeger@ivv.nasa.gov, Brandon Bailey
09/16/2010 2040 11:00 11:30 IV&V Independent Testing Processes and Procedures Abstract Justin Morris, Steven Seeger, Brandon Bailey Justin.R.Morris@nasa.gov, Steven.D.Seeger@ivv.nasa.gov, Brandon Bailey
09/16/2010 2500 1:00 1:40 Verifying Software Architecture - An Executable Model *ITAR RESTRICTED* Abstract Don Kranz, Tom Gullion Donald.E.Kranz@ivv.nasa.gov, Thomas.A.Gullion@ivv.nasa.gov
09/16/2010 2510 1:40 2:20 Integration Analysis via Software Architecture Verification – a Multi-Dimensional Approach Abstract Dan Sivertson Daniel.J.Sivertson@ivv.nasa.gov
09/16/2010 2520 2:20 3:00 Architecture Analysis Research Project Status Abstract Don Ohi, James Dabney, Chris Walter Donald.C.Ohi@ivv.nasa.gov, James.B.Dabney@ivv.nasa.gov, Chris.J.Walter@ivv.nasa.gov
09/16/2010 2530 3:15 4:00 IV&V on Orion’s ARINC 653 Flight Software Architecture Abstract Todd Gauer, Adel Lagoy Todd.A.Gauer@ivv.nasa.gov, Adelbert.C.Lagoy@ivv.nasa.gov
09/17/2010 3000 8:30 9:00 ISS IV&V MADE and JSC Simulator Overviews Abstract Harry St. John Robert.H.StJohn@ivv.nasa.gov
09/17/2010 3010 9:00 9:30 ISS IV&V MADE Requirements and Test Bed Configurations Abstract David Soto David.Soto@ivv.nasa.gov
09/17/2010 3020 9:30 10:00 IV&V ISS UPA and CDRA simulator development Abstract Ryan Starn Ryan.P.Starn@ivv.nasa.gov
09/17/2010 3030 10:15 10:45 MADE diagonal configuration demonstration *ITAR RESTRICTED* Abstract Paul Vo Paul.Vo@ivv.nasa.gov
09/17/2010 3040 10:45 11:30 Modeling Interfaces and Interface Protocols Abstract Karl Frank Karl.D.Frank@ivv.nasa.gov
09/17/2010 3045 11:30 12:00 Model-Based IV&V for an Operation Procedure Abstract Mr. Shigeo Yoshikawa and Mr. Tsutomu Matsumoto yoshikawa.shigeo@jaxa.jp, matsumoto.tsutomu@jaxa.jp
09/17/2010 3500 1:00 1:30 Modeling and Hazard Analysis using STPA Abstract Takuto Ishimatsu takuto@mit.edu
09/17/2010 3510 1:30 2:00 Monte Carlo Analysis for IV&V Abstract Daniel Solomon Daniel.L.Solomon@nasa.gov
09/17/2010 3520 2:00 2:30 Static Code Analysis - Codesonar Abstract Matt Cole, Brandon Miller Matthew.D.Cole@ivv.nasa.gov, Brandon.S.Miller@ivv.nasa.gov
09/17/2010 3530 2:30 3:00 Test Design Validation Abstract John Schipper, Khalid Lateef, Charles Adkins John.K.Schipper@ivv.nasa.gov, Khalid.Lateef@ivv.nasa.gov, Charles.D.Adkins@ivv.nasa.gov
09/17/2010 3540 3:00 3:30 An IV&V Analysts Workbench Abstract Don Kranz, Tom Gullion Donald.E.Kranz@ivv.nasa.gov, Thomas.A.Gullion@ivv.nasa.gov
  4000 Poster   NASA Safety Specification updates affecting IV&V Abstract Ken Costello Kenneth.A.Costello@nasa.gov
  4010 Poster   Evolution of IEEE 1012 Standard for Verification and Validation Abstract Ken Costello Kenneth.A.Costello@nasa.gov
  4050 Poster   Object/Model/Feature Games Abstract John "Mac" Felsing John.M.Felsing@ivv.nasa.gov
  4100 Poster   Real-Time Operating Systems 101 Abstract Richard Kowalski Richard.E.Kowalski@ivv.nasa.gov
  4130 Poster   Artifact Mapping Tool - Overview, Usage and Lessons Learned Abstract Don Kranz, Tom Gullion Donald.E.Kranz@ivv.nasa.gov, Thomas.A.Gullion@ivv.nasa.gov
  4150 Poster   GOODS report and analysis defines the space coordinate system in General Spaceflight terms Abstract Rodney Kuhn Rodney.G.Kuhn@ivv.nasa.gov
  4170 Poster   EDL Timeline Correlation and Automation *ITAR RESTRICTED* Abstract Judy Murphy Judy.L.Murphy@ivv.nasa.gov
  4180 Poster   On-Orbit Anomaly Research Initiative Abstract Jennifer Neptune, Sam Cilento, Dan Painter Jennifer.D.Neptune@ivv.nasa.gov, Salvatore.J.Cilento@ivv.nasa.gov, Joseph.D.Painter@ivv.nasa.gov
  4200 Poster   Range Safety Software IV&V – The other Flight Safety Software Abstract William Stanton, Thomas Hempler William.M.Stanton@ivv.nasa.gov, Thomas.D.Hempler@ivv.nasa.gov